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A Postcard Experience In Arizona To Rembember. Part 2....

Hello Collectors,

 Actually I must take a step back before telling you about the Postcard show in Phoenix.

 While at Tony’s, he gave me a source of another postcard Dealer in Scottsdale, Arizona by the name of Fred Tenny. Fred owned what was called the “Postcard Barn”.

 So, a call the next day to Fred resulted with Bill and I making arrangements to meet at the Barn later in the day. A Barn? A Barn in Scottsdale Arizona? The only thing I could think of was, bring lots of water to drink as we are headed to a remote place in the 🌵🌵.

 Well that wasn’t the case as we met Fred at a retail mall in Scottsdale. Fred was a big guy, quiet spoken and he greeted Bill and I into the Barn, which was really a postcard shop and was not that spacious. At least at a first glance.

 I thought to myself, Barn? Now, buddy Bill is a talker, and within seconds the two of them were pals. My focus at that moment was finding the “once in a life time” holding of postcards, that would find their way north of the 49th parallel .

 Fred had a very large stock, all nicely shelved, organized and labeled in various categories. As Fred and Bill were engaged in conversation, I wandered around to find stuff.

 Now I must digress here, what the hell were Bill and Fred talking about? Well, the two of them were engaged in conversation related to living, working and surviving in Las Vegas, Nevada, n the 1970’s and 80’s.

 Now Fred had been around a lot, I mean a lot in Las Vegas. He knew just about everyone: entertainers, casino owners, the night life, and of course the good, the bad and the “ugly“ side of the desert city. 

 Well, Bill had read a book about the “ugly” in Las Vegas during this time frame, and Fred provided details telling Bill of how it really was in the City of the desert🌵.

 Of course after three hours I’m finished pursuing the postcard dream, and had accumulated quite a stack which I took to Fred to tally up.

 Fred said, “just a minute, come with me”. So we followed Fred, into what? A postcard Barn?

 Yes, literally thousands and thousands of boxes of postcards. The barn was as spacious as a huge warehouse with little “wiggle” room between boxes. Best guess a million or so postcards.

 Yes, now the real meaning of the “Postcard Barn”. But no time left for a look.

 The good news was that Fred was doing the Phoenix postcard show on the weekend, along with Tony and others.

What happened at the show?

Continued next week.


Take care,


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