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A Postcard Experience In Arizona To Remember.

Hello Collectors, 

 I’m not sure how I met Tony Meagher, a postcard Dealer in Arizona, but I did. This was a few years ago when I became aware of a Postcard Show in Phoenix.

 So buddy, Bill and I took a flight to Phoenix, rented a car and off we were to check out Tony’s stock two days prior to the postcard show.

 *It’s important to note here that Bill has no interest in postcards or philatelic material, but we have some common friends we met while attending the Northern Arizona University about 150 years ago.*

 Now let’s get the facts straight. Bill was the driver of the rental and I don’t drive. I just feel that motorists and pedestrians in Arizona are much safer, if I am not behind the wheel.

 Oh ya? Tony’s stock was quite an experience. Fifty or sixty thousand items all categorized in boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. When Bill saw this huge holding, he was immediately left wondering if we would make it on time for our flight back to Edmonton, which was scheduled for 5 days later.

 Now, Tony is very proactive on Ebay and does many shows over the course of a year. So 50,000 postcards.... but where’s the Canada?

 Well you know what? Really not that many and nothing truly exceptional, in Canadian material.

 But the good news was that Tony asked if I would help him “set up”, at the postcard show on the weekend. Or? Maybe it was the other way around. Well, I jumped at the opportunity and the ploy was getting to my first ever postcard show in the United States and besides that...getting a first “look” at stuff.

 So now what. Where is Bill? I’m hungry, tired and although those postcards are attractive, I would suggest NOT eating them.

Can anyone guess where Bill was?

Those who guessed Bill was fast a sleep in the car, were absolutely correct.

So what happened at the Phoenix postcard show?

Next week a continued story. 


Take care,


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