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A Seedy Hotel And A Rolls-Royce, Continued Adventures In Miami!

A Seedy Hotel And A Rolls-Royce In Miami...

Now, safely back in Miami, or I should just say “back in Miami”. How could anyone say “safely”, in Miami?
You know, I have no recollection of the name of this.... let’s call it the “Seedy Motel”, but I’m booked in.
As far as a rating goes, well maybe I would give it a “lonely star”, which is a long long way from (5) star. 

So I finished up my Big Mac and now it’s late, and it’s time to consider getting some sleep.
I’m thinking that there aren't enough sleeping pills in any “drug store”, that could get me drowsy enough to fall asleep in a place like this. 

Let's just say that sleeping under a park bench in New York’s Central Park, would be a better choice. 

But I give it a try, all lights out and very dark at 2:00am.
Soon after lights out, something compelled me to reach over and turn on the lamp light.

So I did.

What the hell!! 

I bolted out of bed like a rocket being launched as 
five (5) large jet black bugs scurried off the table.

Well, now I’m “spooked”, and not happy.

I phone the office, go into explicit detail and he offers two (2)cans of bug killer.
Given the circumstances, what would you do?

Pause here, and explore the options. Not a lot. 
So he brought the cans of bug spray killer and I am everywhere with it.

Air vents, drawers, under the bed, in between the sheets, carpet, chairs....everywhere. 

Just everywhere.
Even, the toilet bowl. 

I thought perhaps one of those “bugs”, might be practicing his “elementary back stroke”.

At this point I am covering all the bases, and there is song ringing in my head, “help me make it through the night”.
Needless to say, the next night I’m scheduled in a (5) star condo (high rise), with my pal. 
His business conference now over, the extra night accommodation was covered by the company expense account.


Bugger off bugs.
Now it just so happens that the “Inverrary”, an elite Golf and Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was only a block away.

Bucket after bucket, my pal hitting golf balls off the lush grass at the driving range. 

One good hit and (5) bad, but I tell him he’s doing great.

And........he believes me.
Now check this out!!

The Pro Shop had a stunning custom made golf cart, which was located in the foyer area. 

A very impressive limo type model, of a Rolls-Royce.

Well, why not?

It was staged with gold bumpers, an extra large sliver grill, an automatic convertible top, a gigantic hood ornament and more.
So I took a closer look, peered inside and what did I see? 

An extra large velvet cushioned front seat for comfort, and room for only one rider.

The remodelled dashboard resembled an upscale liquor bar, and the owners name was written boldly front and centre. 
Guess who owned it? Pause for a second and think.

Are you thinking?

Did you guess Jack Nicklaus? Apparently, he had won a PGA tour event at Inverrary.

No, it wasn't the “bear” Jack.
A hint or two. 

I observed a (40) ounce bottle of “Crown Royal”, with a (16) ounce tumbler secured on the dashboard. 

Now, this was no ordinary dash board, as it featured a nicely sculpted “bar” similar to one in an upscale lounge.

Imagine that?
I circled around the back and looked closely at the polished bumper which said,   “HOW SWEET IT IS”.  
Of course, it was Jackie Gleason’s elaborate golf cart on display at the Inverrary Golf and Country Club.
Next time, the cost of getting lost Fort Lauderdale to Miami.
Take care,
John Bucci

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