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A Split Ring Cancel 1879 In Western Canada, Can Postal History Experts Guess Where?


Hello Collectors,

A Little History & A Few Clues:
This cover has been hiding for years. Even those “dope sniffing dogs” could not have found it. Furthermore, even I, had no idea it was buried in that box in MJR’s storage room. 
Every once in a while, as I walk through the stock room, an impulse urges me to close my eyes and grab a huge fistful of - stuff!
It’s just like getting a surprise gift at Christmas. The only difference is it’s June not December.  As I headed back over to my desk a few covers fell to the floor including this somewhat “bluish cover” - fairly small…
The immediate “fault” I did see was that the cover was cut totally off, by 1/3rd just below the broken circle postmark. As well, I noticed the combination of postage stamps, used for mailing. However, the impressive feature of this cover was the town and date!

Significant Hint!!
The word “Town” - not “City”!! 
The date, “1879”!!
What made this cover even more interesting, to many collectors, was “IT WAS REGISTERED” (F2) - with two small queens and a visible receiver “back stamp”, 1879! 
Remember there is only two thirds of the cover showing!
It seemed evident to me someone did not want the name of the person or address known. 🤔
So rather than toss-out the cover, I thought - “what the hell” - I'm going to repair it! (Alternately, it had a lot going for it, in the landfill site! 😂)
This was at 1:10am. With the exception of one person on this planet (that being me) - this was totally RIDICULOUS!!!  As I write this story, I am thinking, it’s still totally ridiculous!
Further to the absurdness of this task - in the end run, “wood glue” may not have been the best approach.😬  However, if you like glue stuck to your elbows, wrists and fingers at 2:00 in the morning, then maybe it was a good choice. 😊
Subsequently, when it was time to tidy up after my novice repair job, I thought, “Hmm… Where did I put the cover…” 😳
The search was on. 👀
What I found was glue!  Glue stuck all over: on the desk; on scattered sheets of paper; on pencils (turning white from dried glue) and on my post-it notes stuck to everything!  Finally my little project (the cover) was spotted, stuck to the floor!
Now, all of you are thinking that this is all “fake news”! 
It’s not!  It’s ALL “true news”. You will shake your head “more than twice” when the “end” is revealed - NEXT WEEK!
To Review:

Western Canada cover, split ring, 1879, small town, registered (F1)
Two 1 cent Small Queen stamps
Receiver on back, visible postmarks
Lower 1/3 rd repaired.
Any Guesses?

Take care,
John Bucci

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