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A Very Sad Story About A Stamp Collection!

Hello Collectors,


Here’s The Story:
The Edmonton Stamp Club, three weeks ago, hosted a public invitation to an event for those who wanted their stamp, postcard or postal history collection appraised. 
This was not restricted to members, but open to everyone, and at “No Cost”. 
Options on how to liquidate their collection were also given, including selling outright to a local dealer; the auction route; consignment; or perhaps, initiate a collecting hobby. 
A number of collections were brought in. The appraisers were well schooled in their trade. (One appraiser was a forty-year collector/dealer of Canada and world wide material. Another, the president of the Edmonton Stamp Club.)
Album after album were thoroughly viewed and consistent whispers buzzed from the discussions around the tables.
One of the collections brought in was “no ordinary stamp collection” as it included Canada mint, almost complete. All of the high value Queen Victoria Jubilees were there,: Widow Weeds, fresh colour, early Imperfs and more sets totally complete! Then, the Foreign material, although not as impressive as the Canada, was substantial. 
The Canadian collection alone catalogued about $50,000.
But what was that “whisper” of discussion around the table? The look on the faces of the three family members (of which two were seniors and I suspect the other a younger relative).
Total distraught and despair. But why? 
Just hold on one minute.  As I glanced over the senior lady had a plastic bag which turned out to be 5 postcards. I invited her over to my table I and we talked a bit.
I let her know of the 5 postcards one was better with the balance very low end. I explained why the one was better - It was a real photo postcard of a small town hotel. 

I asked if she wanted to return the postcards to the huge holding of the stamp albums or sell to  them separately. At that point she said she really didn’t care and then said: “sell”.  I offered her well over fair market value and paid her cash.
As she took the money in hand I noticed she looked teary. I asked “are you crying”? She said “yes.” My obvious question was, “Why?”  The senior lady’s response was:  “Because these postcards are going to somebody who really appreciates them”
Think that one over a while, “appreciates them”. 
Now you may be speculating as to why those “whispers” were getting louder and louder from the table appraising the “superb collection” as page after page were being reviewed…

                                            ANY THOUGHTS? 
Take care,
John Bucci

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