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So your response to the above mentioned question may be: 

  • “no” not a chance; or 
  • never “thought” about it; or 
  • those collections are not around anymore; or 
  • my parents threw my grandparents and their parents collection in the old smoky dump. In fact, they said, they burn extra fast being so old! or,
  • you’ve heard that some collectibles were left in the walls of an old abandoned farm house.  


You know what - I did! 

Based on a tip from a farmer, I went to look at an old abandoned farm in Northern Alberta. What did I find?  Some old covers (envelopes) scattered on that not so sturdy (but filthy) floor. 

Well, here are a few REAL LIFE examples that I’ve experienced recently. 

1.  Email, Yesterday:  Seller - A Gentleman found MJR on the internet. He called needing information to sell an inherited collection from his grandparents. His request:  “Please send me in the right direction.”

 Yes, MJR is interested! 

2.  A Common Inquiry:  “I found these old postcards in a shoe box. I’m going to throw them out, but before I do, are they worth anything?”  

Yes, absolutely. 

Just in case you are “throwing out” stuff like this,  

MJR has the perfect garbage bin to toss them in! 

3.  Senior at the Antique Show indicated he had an early Canadian collection. He was surprised they could be worth something. He took MJR’S business card and said “I’ll call .” He never did. 

4.  After retiring, a collector became a full time dealer. Years later, when he passed away, MJR acquired a “chunk” of some very nice postcards from his son.  

5. Then there was a gentleman who had been planning to sell his collection for sometime. In the interim he searched various websites and when he found a postcard he owned, he photocopied it with the price. Thereafter, upon looking at the collection, many postcards were accompanied by a photo copy as reference. Smart Idea! 

6.  My by far WORST DEAL EVER MADE:  A dealer was selling a big chunk of real photo postcards - I mean a big chunk!  A deep-deep financial plunge resulted in a significant loss on this one. 😩 This was fairly early in my dealings in the “postcard business” – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!   

7.  Then there was a collector/seller at a venue who had priced out a large holding of USA real photo postcards. Not a priority for me — but of interest so I did not purchase at that moment. I thought about the collection overnight and I decided to made an offer to buy the next day. The price had rocketed over night. Result: NO SALE! 

8.  Recently, a school teacher was selling an inherited album full of greeting postcards. I met her for coffee to review the collection which resulted in a further scrutiny at the owner’s home. Soon after, the terms were finalized by a telephone call. A pick up was arranged and an e-transfer concluded the transaction. RESULT SALE! 

As you can tell MJR is a buyer! 

It is not FAKE NEWS! 

There are a few collections out there. 

Have a great weekend,
John Bucci

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