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What are CHROME postcards?  No, they are not papers stuck to your old bumpers.

Various things increased the collecting popularity of CHROME postcards. Motels aren’t there anymore, street scenes in 1950’s - 60’s  with those old vintage cars are now collector prizes. Store fronts have changed.

CHROMES actually capture a quick change in history. Many people have commented “they tore down that general store or motel/hotel years ago and now they are building ????" Or look at those old golf carts, Ferris Wheels, Midway rides, the first night scenes of cities, fireworks, twin/triple highways, turnpikes, the old gas pumps, candle stick or dial tone telephones, old buses, trolleys, diners, ice cream milk shake dairy bars, airplanes, airports, advertising on buildings e.g. Coca Cola, Sweet Caporal, etc.

CHROME postcards that were 25 cents, scoffed at 40 years ago, are in some cases selling $25.00 plus.

It so happens that MJR Postcards and Covers has a good assortment of CHROME postcards.  Have a look.  Just type "chrome" in the search box.

John (back from a special trip to CALTAPEX)

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