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Some of your comments on my writing:
1. I don’t know what you are drinking when you write that stuff, but keep writing.
2.  We don’t collect postcards anymore, but we like to read your STORIES.
3. I read one of your STORIES to my dog, and then he left town.
4. Hi John, that made me laugh and reminded me of…..
5.  I can’t wait to hear the conclusion.
6.  I can relate, I had “sticky sweat” in Toronto, just like you experienced.
7.  I pasted stamps in an album just like you did, including using the Scotch tape!
8. Fascinating STORY.
9.  You don’t embellish a story or two, do you John?
10. I have no idea if you are telling the truth or not.

Just to refresh - my experiences with the Calgary Stampede took place in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
When the Stampede parade ended, thousands of drug store Cowboys and Cowgirls followed behind. Most walked to the entrance gates of the Exhibition grounds and thus to the attractions, events and midway.
But not kids that lived on our block. Why? 

Well, an Admission Fee was charged to get into the Exhibition grounds and pennies were tight. 
Not an option for us.
BUT...Wait!  …..Friday was “kids day”, and so this “look-a-like Roy Rogers” kid waited till Friday.
Now, sometime prior to Stampede week maybe around either Father’s or Mother’s Day, an query asked by my cousin to his mother: “When is it Kids Day mom?"

My aunt paused for a moment and said, “Stampede Week”. Yep, it’s true!.

A number of guests have been invited over the years to the Calgary Stampede including a few prime ministers such as Lester B. (who had an airport named after him).

Then, of course, Johnny D. showed up. He rode in a lavish rented convertible, waved at parade watchers and represented Canada well with one of his speeches.
Dief. was a sharp looking dude, his kinky hair laden with Brylcream.  (“A little dab will do you”, but not this P.M. – a “tube” was more appropriate.)
As luck would have it, John arrived late. His propellered aircraft just could not make the scheduled arrival.
Now this reminds me of a STORY where the Canadian government under Diefenbaker’s leadership axed the AVRO Jetliner which happened to be, at the time, the fastest Passenger Jet Liner on the planet.

Yep!! It’s true.

Bob Hope showed up one year, much to the thrill of every cowpoke in town. When asked how his first night in Calgary was, Bob replied he had his head buried under three pillows, one over each ear, one on top of his head with an extra set of blankets for security. 

I remember that night vividly, as it was one of the loudest electrifying storms of the summer. Pelting rain, frequent lightning bolts lighting up the sky, and the crack and bang of thunder. 

Bob was not alone, even the cows, bulls and horses were spooked!
When Bob left there was a new meaning to the song “thanks for the memories”. HA!
Bing Crosby showed up one year, and even Gene Autry made it to town. Not in the same year of course. But, WHAT IF?  

What if they had appeared together?  
Do you think? The evening performance at the Stampede Corral, Gene would have sang “RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER”, and Bing, “WHITE CHRISTMAS”. 
Now what the hell does those songs have to do with the Calgary Stampede? 

Absolutely Nothing!

But come December you may consider telling your kids or grandkids that Gene Autry’s biggest Christmas hit was Rudolph … and Bing Crosby was the first to sing White Christmas.

Now that ties in with the Calgary Stampede. Right?  

Whose signature song was it?  Well, Gene Autry of course!
Well Buckaroo’ week. The Calgary Stampede Midway!

Take care,
John bucci

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