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Did You Know?

Over the years many of us spend a lot of time researching postcards, covers and stamps.

Whether it be postcard images, cancellations/postmarks on covers, varieties associated with stamp collecting and so it goes.

Sometimes I spend hours on one item and through this process a few things to share or DID YOU KNOW?

1. When the North West Mounted Police in 1873 arrived at the Territories, Jerry Potts was hired as a NWMP scout.

Why did he get 2 to 4 times higher pay than other Mounted Police constables?

Answer next week.

2. Did you know that Ireland remained neutral in WWII. Apparently aggressors with the intent of crossing Ireland’s borders were the enemy.

3. Did you know there were 5 Fort Edmonton’s. Where were they located?

Answer next week.

4. Gold prospectors in the early 1800’s in British Columbia, broke through the winter ice and thought they were doomed.

Why weren’t they?

Answer next week

5. The AVRO Jetliner built in Canada early 1950’s, not to be confused with the AVRO Arrow, received a request to have 40 of the Jetliner’s built for commercial use.

Who requested this and why?

Answer next week.

6. A Postmaster in the early 1900’s was charged with fraud. What did he do?

Answer next week.

Take care,


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