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Well, just looking around and seeing individuals wearing “face masks” reminded me of those old TV COWBOY SERIES. 

Do you recall the “bad guys” during “hold ups”, were wearing a red polka dotted face mask?

1. The Lone Ranger, (Clayton Moore), the masked guy, riding the white station “Silver”, the sliver bullets around his belt and Tonto on his horse “Scout”.  

There was no one better than Tonto who could ride a horse bareback, especially through rugged canyon trails at a full gallop.

Did you know that Tonto, (Jay Silverheels) was also a gifted athlete who played professional Lacrosse for some pretty good cash.

Also, Jay was not pleased with being limited to “one liners” in the TV Series. Jay had more energy and talent than most.

2.  Have Gun Will Travel, (Richard Boone), “Paladin, Paladin Where Do You Roam”.

Did you know Paladin’s gun was a “Derringer” which was always carried under his belt.  
Although Richard Boone did numerous performances on Broadway as well as many movies, Paladin made him a National Star. 

Remember him riding in the canyon on a white horse?

3. Gene Autry, The Singing Cowboy. 

“Champion”, Gene’s horse, and of course the song "Back in the Saddle Again", which was just one of Gene’s hits that carried him to stardom and wealth.

Did you know that Autry owned the Los Angles Dodgers professional baseball team, and lots and lots of other stuff?.

For many years in a row, the singing cowboy was one of the top 10 wealthiest men in the United States.

But, as Christmas is upon us, we should also remember that Gene Autry is famous for his release of the Number 1 song hit, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.  

You may have heard it.

He apparently did not want to release the song, but was persuaded by his wife Ina May Spivey. 

Do you think that was a good choice? Ask your grandchildren or any kid on the playground.

Oh!! I almost forgot Gene Autry’s wealth at death, $500,000 million............yes that’s $500,000 million dollars.

4. GUNSMOKE, Dodge City Kansas, (James Arness) the famous Marshall (Matt Dillon), who kept the peace in a tough, tough Dodge City. 

But you know what? 

If it weren't for Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake), and “Doc” Adams (Milburn Stone), Marshal Dillion would have had a tough time arresting the “bad guys” with those COVID-19 face masks. 

Did Miss Kitty and Matt ever get together? Apparently only a “kiss” on set, but others may have a different opinion.

5.  Zoro, ( Duncan Regehi) a Spanish guy who had a pretty sticky “sword”.  

A quiet, studious. easy going guy during the day, he was slicing “bad guys” at night with his famous “El Zoro”.

In fact that “Z” was everywhere.

I woke up one morning with a great big “Z”  sliced on my chest.  I didn’t know Zoro came to Canada. 

Did you know Zoro wore a mask as well. Gee, he’s one of us.

6.  The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (Guy Madison), the kid who with his expertise as a gunfighter, brought many of those mask wearing  “bad guys” to jail.

Did you know?

In real life, Wild Bill really was a gunfighter with the United States Marshals. Yup it’s true.

Now. the guy I liked was “Jingles” (Andy Devine), whose raspy voice sent him to comedy stardom with Wild Bill and more, including Jack Benny and Jackie Gleason.

Now Jingles was a pretty big dude, and had visions of professional football. 
But instead, he used his size, voice, and natural talent for comedy.

Devine contributed to the World War II cause, by training pilots at his FLYING TRAINING SCHOOL.

More Western’s next week.  

Now, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” is really quite upset with MJR Postcards & Covers. 

Why? Well this week MJR is featuring “Bluenose” Stamps on a mail tag. Yes Canada’s favourite stamp, as deemed by many.

Now, Rudolph wanted us to colour the “Schooners Sails” in Red. 

But we told Rudolph No ! No! No ! That's being naughty, and not nice.

So, wouldn't you know it, Rudolph has “cooked” a deal with Santa to BYPASS MJR’s house this Christmas. 

Apparently when flying over they’re going to drop something, but I don’t know what it is.

Thank you,

John Bucci

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