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Did you know that a World World II battleship is at the bottom of a lake near Jasper, Alberta Canada?

Hello Collectors,


 Did you know that a World World II battleship is at the bottom of a lake near Jasper, Alberta Canada?


 At an Edmonton Stamp Club meeting some time ago, a presentation was made by a keen historian and member/collector of the ESC. 

 Stamps, covers, postcards, postmarks are now in his collection. This is an accumulation of 50 years of collecting.

 The focus of the presentation identified post offices, postmarks and a reference to a U.S. Military Camp, WW II in the area of Jasper, Alberta.

 So presentation over, good historical information. 

 Then What?

  About a year and a half later upon looking over a stock of postcards, I came across a real photo postcard of Jasper Park Lodge, AB.

 The postcard was sent to the U.S., dated 1941, and was from a U.S. soldier to his wife.

 Now, the postcard on the upper left revealed lots of information about the soldier. Name, rank, regiment Army Post Office was included. 

 So remembering the presentation at an Edmonton Stamp Club meeting, and reference of a U.S. Military Camp WW II, my search was about to begin.

 After spending a couple of hours or so on google, I could find only one very brief reference of U.S. Military, 1940’s in Jasper National Park.

 But what I did find was reference of WWII military ship/vessel at the bottom of a lake, in the National Park. 

 Obviously I thought it was fake news, right? 

 Or I questioned, what was the editor smoking?

 So I plodded along, engaging myself into a very interesting story.

 Yes, a WW II  initiative called, let’s say for now “Project Top Secret”, resulting in a military ship/vessel built with the intent  of destroying German U Boats.

 Now let’s think about this for a minute, or are you kidding me? 

 This is far beyond belief to a Dealer of MJR Postcards & Covers. Could this be happening in Alberta?

 Now it’s interesting to note, no one within the Jasper town site or anyone in close proximity knew anything about this, “Top Secret”.

 So was this Canadian military, British, or U.S? How did this come about, who cooked the deal.

 Hint: Sir Winston Churchill was persuaded by a guy, let’s say for now named “Joe”, and Joe had an idea.

 This was Joe’s idea.

 Continued next week.

Take care,

John Bucci

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