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Fumbling And Tumbling A $600 Cash Sale Conclusion

Hello Collectors 


The “Fate of the $600 Cash Payment”, continued. 💸💸💸


Now I know many of you have changed the lyrics of a song 🎶 from time to time.  In many cases it results in a new “twist” to the original meaning. 

How about a “twist” (Last Kiss”, Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers) -  that goes like this………..


🎼 “Oh, where oh where can my 600 💸 cash be?

The postman took it away from me.

🎶 He’s got possession, so I got to be good, 

So I can see my cash when it arrives, at last!”



So in other words “what the hell happened” to the 

$600 💵 cash in remittance for those vintage postcards MJR sold?


The Story Continues…


Many days passed. The wait for and fate of the funds continued.

Then an unexpected knock at the door. 

Who Could it Be?  

Well the Postman of course!  (You knew that right.)

But…… but……..he was walking away? 😳


I yelled out, 


🎶 Please Mister Postman, look and see,

Is there 600 cash in there for me. 🎵


Mister Postman turned back and handed me the “very same envelope” but this time with a “huge beautiful crayon” mark across the colourfully staged stamps. 


Obviously this package had gone through the Canada Post 📮 mailing system a second time and this time was redirected to me (MJR).

I discretely “opened it” and to my surprise the $600 cash was there undisturbed. WOW!! 😲


Believe it or not cash payment delivered in the loosely taped. 📩

You are now thinking this story is “bullshit”? Right? 


The detailed journey — I’ll never know but on our front door console sits an “empty” envelope with a great big - HAPPY FACE!




Before I go, Collectors, a Heads Up!


Because you, Collectors, are the greatest and we appreciate your support & patronage, so much — we thought, why not return the favour with some price reductions!


MJR has slashed many of our “upper end” postcards by 50% to 70% OFF!  


Don’t miss these unbelievable deals! Check our website to catch these exceptional bargains! 


Of course many new acquisitions continue to surface on MJR’s doorsteps and eventually these additions are relocated in MJR’s WEBSITE! (Friday at 3:00 PM & Tuesday at 9:00 AM.)


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