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Fumbling And Tumbling A $600 Cash Sale Pt. 2

Hello Collectors. 
Continued from last week:  “FUMBLED & TUMBLED ON A $600 CASH SALE”.

(The envelope is now going through the mail, again – this time with $600 cash barely enclosed! And, if I may say, primed to “slip through the crack”!)
This was a telephone call I really did not want to make!  Six-hundred dollars cash ($600) in a very loosely taped (at the bottom), envelope was at the mercy of Canada Post!
I considered my options:
#1. I’ll pretend I’m the BIG BOPPER with the Chantilly Lace song “Hello Baby”!  Nope, I ruled that one out, quickly.
#2. I’ll pretend I’m Simon or Garfunkel with “The Sounds of Silence” song. 
“Hello Darkness My Old Friend”.  Nope, quick exit on that one!
3. Finally what I believed to be the best approach leapt to my mind. The song:  “Walk Like a Man; Talk Like Man”!
So my Frankie Valli approach was – “like a Man”!  Thus, the discourse went like this:  
“Hello (collectors name) you know that $600 cash you left in an envelope for me? Yeah!!  Well, I sent the $600 cash back to you in the same envelope…” 
Silence at the other end of the phone — and then more “silence” that wasn’t so “Golden”. 
Then, as the Bopper would say, “You said what?” 
I repeated my telephone “intro message”. His response was a tongue lashing of adult 🤬 content, so I cannot relate to you what was said…😳
My response, “Yup it’s true.” 😬
Have you ever played the game — “hurry up and wait”?
Well the “wait and hurry up” part and the fate of the $600 cash, was all in the hands of CANADA POST!
One mail day passed — then another passed. Forgive me for saying this but, “I didn’t give a shit” if Canada Post plastered a huge crayon stripe over the beautifully staged postage stamps on the envelope, at this point in time. 
Do Not Miss the Conclusion: 
Next Friday’s Newsletter at 3:00 pm (MST)
If you send me an e-mail and “guess” the correct outcome, MJR will provide you with a $10 credit for our website or Ebay store.
Deadline Saturday January 15th, 11:59 pm (MST)!

Take care,
John Bucci

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