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Fumbling And Tumbling On A $600 Cash Sale

Hello Collectors,



“TUMBLING, TUMBLE WEEDS” by the Sons of the Pioneers (recorded 1934).


MJR’s version is “FUMBLING, FUMBLING ALONG” by John Bucci (2021)







This MJR story is a Fumble and a Stumble. IT’S TRUE! The fate of $600 cash tumbled like a weed - but where?


MJR had a number of quality postcards which I offered to an interested collector at a recent Edmonton Stamp Club meeting. The collector wanted to cross reference these postcards with his own collection (to avoid duplication), thus taking them home.


A few days later I found a few more postcards which I thought he may be interested in. I decided to mail them directly to him.


I carefully placed multiple stamps on a #10 envelope. Even a Canada Post employee could recognize it, I thought.


(That being said, philatelic usage of stamps may be a surprise to some. The hobby of Stamp Collecting is still alive!)


I adhered the return address label on the upper left corner of the envelope and carefully addressed it to the collector. Everything was checked and double checked including the postal rate. Finally, I placed the postcards in the envelope; trekked to the mailbox and dropped the treasures down the mail slot.


At that moment I was hoping the traditional HUGE CRAYON MARK, through the stamps by Canada Post, would not appear on “this envelope”. A clearly dated hand stamp, socked on the nose in the middle of a block of (4), well that’s where it’s at!


Anyway, the package was sent and received a few days later by the collector. As a result EVERYONE happy!


A couple weeks passed and the collector dropped by and indicated he had $600 cash in an envelope. Since we were just leaving the house, he placed the cash and envelope on a small table by the front entrance. We all left – locking the door as we were leaving. Great story so far, $600 cash received & a collector very pleased!


Now here is where the STUMBLE, FUMBLE and TUMBLE comes in. (You may think - was the $600 cash in the envelope? That was never in doubt!) However, on returning home, I neglected to retrieve the cash & envelope.


A couple of weeks passed and I noticed (buried below gloves & touques) this envelope addressed to the collector at the front door! I DO NOT see that well (vision impaired)! No Kidding!! My immediate thought - did I send it? Or, on second thought did I forget to send it? It’s been a hectic few weeks…. Hmmmmm…? Well, this envelope DID NOT have a huge crayon mark through the stamps so I think “forgot to send it”! ☑️


Therefore - WHAT THE HELL - I MAILED IT!!!


Guess what? The envelope (unbeknownst to me) had been “sliced opened” from the bottom so the collector could remove the postcards. He then had placed the $600 cash (owing to MJR) in the envelope and lightly sealed the base with two vertical strips of tape.


All righty now!! The envelope is now going through the mail, again – this time with $600 cash barely enclosed! And, if may say, primed to “slip through the crack”!




MJR’s call to the collector.


What did we say?

Stay tuned…

John Bucci

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