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Happy New Years!

Hello Collectors,


THINK BACK — WAY BACK TO DECEMBER 31st, 1960 at 11:59 pm. 🤷🏼‍♀️  NOW PAUSE – THINK —  and TRY TO REMEMBER…

 If you can’t remember, you must have “had a Hellava Good Time” at the New Year’s Eve Party that year!

 Or, come to think of it you may not have had a “Good TIME”. 🤢  Was your head spinning or were you gazing at the stars?  Perhaps searching for “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”? 

 If you said yes to the last question, shake your head once and then twice. If you come up with the same “yes answer” then start a new career that being a “fortune teller”?

 Now I know only a few of you, postcard collectors, would qualify as Canada’s first teenage idol. If you think you fit in that stardom category ask your wife first. 

I tried that with my child bride and got a one way bus ticket out of Edmonton. Additionally, with a note pinned to my vintage Albert Park hockey sweater that said “Halloween is October 31st.”

 So after all of that, you still conclude you are a singing sensation, just like Bobby Curtola, with sales of 2.5 million for the song “Fortune Teller”.

 But Wait ! Wait! Let’s go back to Lucy.

 Just as a side note the Edmonton Valley Zoo has an elephant named Lucy.  And just to be clear Lucy in the sky with diamonds is not related to Lucy in the Zoo!

 So the original question lingers on. If you were gazing into the stars looking for “Lucy” December 31st, 1960, then get your journeyman’s ticket as a “fortune teller”! Why? Because the Fab Four did not release “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” until 1967!!!


 More to come…



John Bucci

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