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How An English Teacher Gave A Lesson And Adopted World Wide Postal Reform?

Hello Collectors,

Did You Know?
How an English teacher gave a lesson, and adopted World Wide Postal Reform?
This guy, let’s say his name is Bill. 
Now, Bill read the previous week of MJR’s Newsletter and then quietly said to himself, “What the hell is this guy trying to say?”
So, I received a lengthy letter, his telephone number and of course the BIG question, this time on paper. The letter was SHORT PAID. Similar to the problems in the 1800’s.
I called the number and didn’t know what to expect, but I was prepared to bring up the letter “short paid”, with me to pay the due. 
I knew Bill would not particularly care about my cash flow problem, and the phrase “too bad, so sad” came to mind.
Now, let’s address the question.  “What the hell were you trying say in the last MJR’s Newsletter?" (January 8th, 2021).
Well I stumbled, fumbled and mumbled some stuff, then I said to Bill, " in the early 1800’s there were all sorts of problems with mail delivery."

I then elaborated on a few.
Bill’s response was a pretty stern,  “well, why didn’t you say that in the first place?” He also suggested strongly that I take an English writing course, two or three at least.
OK Bill, OK Bill.  The English teacher made his case.
I was stunned in many ways, one of them being that I didn’t know Bill was 180 years old.  
Tell me more !! Tell me more !! This was all I could say.
OK. OK. This is a very long story and I’m making it short. 
So listen up, what I’m about say is “leading edge” World Wide stuff. 
ALL countries have changed the Postal Delivery System.
Bill confessed that the Postal Delivery System in the early 1800’s was a mess, a big mess.
This was huge undertaking, and he needed a little advice from his buddy across the pond, Benjamin Franklin.
How did they do it?
Read a lot, 
Thought a lot, 
Wrote a lot, 
Talked a lot,
Asked questions a lot.
But one thing stuck in Bill’s mind.

 He had once observed a young woman, heart broken and too poor to pay for a letter from her fiancé. 

 Bill’s commitment. “ We can fix this this problem.”
(Now this does somehow tie in with Elvis and his girlfriend. Right?)
So what he did do to basically change the world and the Postal System was .......
Postal Reform Was Born. 
It was a major change on a global scale, and adjustment was not easy. Shortly thereafter, prepaid envelopes and postal cards were printed.

Thus, payment up front.
The founder(Bill) - Sir Roland Hill of England.
The “Penny Black”  was the first adhesive stamp in 1840 featuring Queen Victoria.
If Sir Roland Hill was such a smart guy, an inventor and postal history savvy, why did I get a letter SHORT PAID?
Would you think Sir Roland was short a little cash?

Take care,
John Bucci

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