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How many residents in Coleman, Alberta (1945) knew that mail was sent by air, from their small mining town?

Hello collectors,

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 
Not likely but once you read this story, you will wonder what planet I live on.
It’s risky, but read on if you dare.

First My Disclaimer:
I’m not an expert in anything and hardly ever check my facts. 
My research is suspect, have quoted others that know less than me and some say I embellish the truth.
When I make mistakes or offend anyone I apologize in advance. My sense of humour is dry but almost every story is initiated by looking at a postcard or cover.  So a little history added-in, may provide a different perspective.
Now, about three years ago I picked up a fairly large collection of postcards, covers and postal history.
By thumbing through an album I spotted a Coleman, Alberta cover with the slogan cancel “AIR MAIL SAVES TIME”, dated May 1945.
I immediately thought that if letters and parcels were sent from Coleman via Air Mail in 1945, they must have had a pretty active airport in mail delivery service.
It seemed that the only reference to an airport in Coleman, was a “ghost” airport. Well, the “ghost” part frightened me and so I concluded it was very unlikely that an airport ever existed there.
How many residents in Coleman, Alberta (1945) knew that mail was sent by air, from their small mining town?
So, thoughts of an old timer miner came to mind. Sort of rhymes doesn’t it, “old timer miner”.  Hmmmmmm!
 Now this Old Timer Miner in his rocking chair, on his  wooden porch looks at this envelope dated May 18th, 1945 “AIR MAIL SAVES TIME”.  An airplane image is also noticeable with the date. The envelope has been sent from his sister Ella, 5 miles away.
So spitting out the his tobacco wad, he thinks “What the hell does this mean?”  No airport, no airplane and Ella is petrified of flying,  therefore - no answers.  
Frustration is evident. After a couple of puffs on his pipe and with a cough or two, the answer is clear as coal dust.
An “Air Mail envelope” must mean “fold it up like a paper airplane” with lofty wings and give a throw. so, he does just that.
The wind gives it a boost and as they say “it’s air born”. It flies nicely but suddenly takes a nose dive into the cindered burning barrel. Yep, right into the burning barrel.
At the moment Old Timer Miner doesn’t know it, but he now has an AIRPLANE CRASH COVER!  Believe it or not?
Continued next week.

Take care,

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