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If You're Not A Senior Do Not Read This Story!

IF you are NOT a SENIOR, then DO NOT READ this story.  
Or, if you are willing to take the risk “parental guidance” only! 😂
The Story:
An e-mail was sent to MJR indicating a shoe box of postcards plus a few stamps were up for sale rather than being tossed in the recycle bin.
Due to visual challenges, I do not drive anymore. (Well, let’s put it this way, the citizens of Edmonton and Albertan are much safer when I Am Not behind the wheel.) 🤣
We arranged to meet at MJR’s office. A few days later the door bell rang and Jim brought in two shoe boxes and a couple of smaller boxes of stamps (housed in a “GAP” store bag).
With a mask in hand (just to be safe) & after hanging up his yellow plaid jacket, we descended down the stairs. Jim showed me all of his items, that being, about 25 Continental postcards and about 60 regular sized postcards, mostly chromes.
Then came the stamps - each individually tucked inside the Canada Post Philatelic brochure. Each brochure had a block of stamps or singles. These were Canada mint stamps from the 1960’s to 1990’s. In addition there were Great Britain stamps in the original promo package, along with First Day Covers.
From an MJR perspective there was not much interest for me. So the question was: “Jim what would like me to do with this collection?”
Before I tell you the price, a little more information about our seller. Jim was on his game. His mind was sharp, physically, he looked in good shape and spoke very well. Jim was a nice guy. I was in a bit of dilemma as to Jim’s age, though! 🤔  
Was he a senior or was he not? The REVEAL! Next week! To be continued…
John Bucci

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