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Is Postcard and Postal History collecting strong? Absolutely!

Good afternoon everyone,



 Is Postcard and Postal History collecting strong? Absolutely!


 There was once a time when just about everyone that collected postcards and postal history, were older than most dealers. Now through the evolution of time, things have changed, and most collectors are younger than the dealers.


 Collecting Chrome postcards is now a strong interest. A number of years back, such postcards were the first to be thrown in the trash.


 Think about this. A hotel or motel built back in the 1960's is not likely to be with us anymore. A piece of history gone in 40-60 years, and with it, real life memories. But a simple view on a Chrome hotel postcard, can bring you back to thoughts of, " hey, we stayed at that Sunset View Inn on our first family vacation". Or " that restaurant Sloppy Joes, made the best hamburgers we ever had".


I can remember all of the 1950's and '60's cars that I could never afford, parked for the night with all the different licence plates from all over.


Now, if you are younger than 60 or 70 years old, you remember all this stuff, and you lived it.


What do you remember?


Check out the new items, hopefully they bring back a great memory or two.

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