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Jerry Potts, 5 Fort Edmonton's And Avro Continued


Did You Know Continued....

1. Jerry Potts, born in 1840 of a Cree mother and Scottish father, was destined to be a scout-guide for the North West Mounted Police.

 As a young man Jerry learned how to read and write, and could speak numerous languages of the indigenous people. 

 He even became well known as a business man, and had exceptional skills that were in need by the N.W.M.P which took place  in 1870's. 

 These are just a few of the numerous skills that Jerry Potts had:

a) Lethal with a rifle. 
b) Could find "big game" when no other could, including expertise with a knife.
c) Was a born leader, including "chief" status.
d) Knew very well every trail from Montana to Fort Edmonton.
e) Acted as an interpreter. 
f) Was able to track assist by assisting the N.W.M.P in finding outlaws of the "Whiskey Trade", at Fort Whoop Up near Lethbridge, Alberta. 

 So when it came to pay Potts for his talents, he was getting $90 a month when the other constables were getting $30 per month. With a skill package such as Potts possessed, it's understandable why he spent 22 years with the N.W.M/P. 

3. Yes, (5) Fort Edmonton's.

1) First (1794-1802)
Location: Where the Sturgeon River meets the North Saskatchewan River just North of the City of Fort Saskatchewan. 

2) Second (1802-1810)
Location: Now called the Rossdale area in downtown Edmonton. 

3) Third (1810-1812)
Location: White Earth Creek, 100k North East of Edmonton near Smokey Lake.

4) Fourth (1813-1830)
Location: Back to the Rossdale area. Why? Enhancing opportunities of fur trade with the Indigenous people.

5) Fifth (1830-1915)
Location: Co-Existed with the Alberta Legislature Building Edmonton.

4. In the pursuit of gold in the 1850's, a carriage of traveller's and gold seekers were in British Columbia, headed for the gold findings of the Fraser river.

 All aboard were travelling by boat, which capsized. Immediately it was thought that they were doomed by freezing in the icy waters.

 But, they did not, as the water on that spot was warm.

 The carriage was on Harrison Lake, and utltimately Harrison Hot Springs.

 By the way, Harrison was named after Benjamin Harrison


 5. The Avro Canadian Jetliner C-102, was a powered jet Airliner prototype built in 1949. 

 At that time it was the Jetliner that drew world wide attention, and the awe of others countries. The Avro Jetliner was the fastest, with speeds up to 500 miles per hour, and flew at 30,000 feet. Such performance caught the eye of many Airlines, resulting in a flight to California for a "look see" by interested parties. 

 Within one week, and after a test flight or two pushing to the jet to the max, thirty (30) of the Jetliners  were ordered. 

 Who orders? 

 Well, Howard Hughes.

 But excuse the pun, "It never got off the ground"

 Short sightedness by the Federal Government. With Avro, Canada's focus was to build fighter jets for the Cold War. 

 By the way, Howard Hughes, who was known for “big bucks” offered to fund the AVRO Jetliner, but "no go". 

 The Jetliner was then dismantled by the Canadian Government, taking a "nose dive" and the "nose" is now in an aviation museum.

Go figure that one? 

Take care,

John Bucci

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