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A Postcard Experience In Arizona To Remember. Part 3......

Hello Collectors,

 Now, carrying on with the Phoenix, Arizona postcard show, which was a two day show Friday and Saturday.

 Thursday afternoon was set up, and I attempted to help Dealer Tony with his boxes and stuff. Tony really didn’t need any help, as he was a “polished” veteran on the postcard show circuit. So, the easy out was to introduce myself to the Dealers, and snoop around for Canadian material. You would think with all the “snow birds” living in the valley of the desert,🌵🌵🌵🌵 that some choice items, real photo postcards or topicals would surface everywhere.

 Oh Yes!! Lots of U.S. choice items, but not very much material North of the 49th parallel. What else could expect?

 Well, better luck tomorrow, Friday. The show would be open to the public, and some Dealers would be setting up very early Friday morning.

 Well, Friday morning comes and a line up of collectors start to form at the entrance, including me. Of course buddy Bill dropped me off. A little bit of a surprise with the $5.00 admission fee, but when you're 2,000 Kilometres away from Edmonton, who cares.

 The way this works is the show coordinator, a Dealer in this case, rents the venue, collects table costs from the other Dealers and then collects the admission fees.

 Pretty good idea if everything goes well.

 There would be no denying, the show coordinator/dealer was bound for success in Phoenix. Why? Because 25 or so Dealers, attendance of about 300, and this particular coordinator/dealer had 8 tables of postcard boxes end to end.

 An enormous stock, pricey stuff, and lots of sales based on a steady flow of collectors at his tables.

 Let’s try this in Canada, anyone interested?

 Well what about the other guys? Some Dealers had postcards at no higher than $1.00, and others had postcards in the $200 range. This Canadian guy was not too keen on U.S. prices and currency.

 But 2,000 Kilometres from Edmonton, who cares.

 What do you do?

 Well I attempted to do nothing, as there was only one sniff of a really good Canadian postcard. Sooooooooo I bought it.

 Overall this was an up beat show, and lots of Fun. Dealers and collectors were friendly and everyone one was having a good time.

 Warm weather too, 70F for old timers who still can not get the Celsius kick.

 Oh! What about Fred the Postcard Barn guy? He was there with his son and doing well I think. I heard a collector say to Fred “how much do you have to get for this one Fred”? Fred paused for a moment and said $125.00” The collector responded “sold“.

 One elderly gentleman had a table full (500), of the artist signed Clapsaddle postcards. These were exceptional cards, embossed, Halloween, Santa’s in various coloured suits, etc. all sorts of stuff. He want to sell all at once, price $500 U.S.

 Pretty good deal for someone but not MJR.



Take care,


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