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Lest We Forget

Lest we forget,


A video in memory of the fallen soldiers, truly beautiful!

Video by Celtic Thunder - 'Christmas 1915'.

Youtube link:


A resource for anyone wanting more information about the 1915 Christmas Truce:

Hello collectors,

Bruce Bainrsfather WWI British Military Artist, experienced first hand WWI Battles from the trenches. A gifted comic artist with a creative mind, he provided an amusing perspective to WWI trench war.

Although the approach was not a favourite of British Parliament, it was overwhelmingly successful by the British and other allied forces.

An example of a comic postcard by Bairnsfather can be viewed on MJR’s website from the link below.

To view all of these comic WWI Postcards enter: Bainsfather into the wesbsite search.

Take care,
John Bucci





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