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Midnight Madness 1961



Great replies to the “Midnight Madness” 1960-1961, New Year’s Eve “What were you doing?” I thank you all for your guesses.

Needless to say, Postcard Collectors are by far the most creative “writers” on the planet earth. Honours, to all!

English Writing was not my forte! For this MJR guy, I set an Alberta record for the lowest English 30 mark in the Province. 23%!

It’s true!

My 1960-1961 New Year’s Eve went some thing like this (in Calgary, Alberta, Canada):

It’s wintry white and slippery snow, everywhere. When you walked on the hard packed snow, your boots squeaked with each step.

If you have not experienced “squeak, squeak”, come and visit Edmonton, Alberta.  January is a good month to test out your squeaky boots. With the windchill, factored in, they get even squeakier!  My Arizona colleagues have passed on that experience! 

Minus 40 “F”  or minus 40 “C” - to this day - only a frozen few can tell the difference!  If you are not sure call you local weatherman. 🥶


There are some hazards to Minus 40.  

  • Do not stick your tongue on bicycle handle bars!
  • Do not allow your male dog to lift a hind leg next to a fire hydrant - he will immediately freeze to that vulnerable position!


The positive:

  • Mosquitoes can’t thrive! Let’s say you have been breeding mosquitos. Take them outside at minus 40 — they try to fly??? What happens next? Hmmm! 🤔


I spent a couple of years in Arizona and I happened to take in a high school football practice, one balmy +47F afternoon. Impressive how those AAA players hammer themselves physically, get up, and repeat the punishment! Tough dudes, right? 🤔

One of the players, on this occasion, expressed, “this is the last time I come out here and freeze my ass in this weather!” (Tough dudes - not! According to Canadian Standards!) 😂 


It’s true!

So anyway, it was a damn cold evening in Calgary, Alberta, 11:30 pm, December 31st, 1960! 🥶  A freshly flooded outdoor hockey rink beckoned! I called my buddy Hank and persuaded him to “bring in the New Year” with a skate!  Hank was over in five minutes, hockey skates hanging over his shoulder. Off we trudged in the moonless, icy night, and, yes, our boots were squeaking!

The next mission:  Sit your ass in a snow bank; take off your boots; fumble and stumble until you get your skates on; then, lace them up with your cold-numb-bare fingers. 

It’s true!

We then hopped over the rink boards in the frigid darkness, skated, skated some more. The challenge was 100 times around the rink clockwise and 100 times around the rink counter clockwise! We did it! We were done!

It was now 1961!  

Let’s say, it was a helluva lot faster getting our “skates off” and “boots on” than previously!

There is one interesting fact about 1961. What’s that? 🙋 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍

Turn it upside down and what do you get? 🤨 Try it.



Stay Safe Collectors !!

 John Bucci

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