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Military Ship/Vessel World War II at Lake Bottom in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada. PT 2.

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Military Ship/Vessel World War II at Lake Bottom in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada.

Continued Story from last week, Friday, November 6th, 2020

 This was Joe’s Idea!!

 It was simply a mixture of ice water and wood pulp mixed and frozen together. Basically sawdust.

 Gee, how was this going to destroy German U Boats?

 Well a ship built with ice/sawdust, now called “Pykrete”would take months or years to melt, would float like ice does and is cheap to build. Furthermore, a ship like this would be much more maneuverable than steel built vessels, as sawdust and ice are non magnetic. Such structures would not attract explosive mines in seas or oceans.

 A touch of refrigeration at the building stage could result in the creation of a great big military battleship. Just think, fighter aircraft could land safely and then carry out their bombing missions.

 Did someone say “that landing would be on a slippery slope”? 😇😇

 Now, this was Joe’s idea. What do you think about that?

 In fact, although Joe didn’t think of this at the time, his approach was the total opposite of the unsinkable German built battleship, the Bismarck.  

 The Bismarck, with a weight of literary thousands and thousands of tons and with huge guns a blazing, trying to destroy a vessel made from ice and sawdust floating on water.  

 In fact scientists say that Pykrete could withstand multiple torpedo blasts with each “hit”, resulting in about one metre of destruction.

 A mere scratch on the surface they say.

 Go figure that one.

 Well, through a “top secret” process, Winston Churchill gained knowledge of this and became very enthusiastic. The chief of all chief’s of the British military in WW II, was all in. 

 Now this next sentence is not founded on truth, but the way this story is headed why not give it a shot?

 Sentence: As Winston Churchill is taking a hot bath, Joe barges in and drops a big chunk of frozen ice/sawdust in the tub. The chunk does not melt.  

 Winston is now convinced.


This is sounding like the start of the British Invasion, with “help I need somebody”. So the story continues.

 The British, U.S. and Canadian military involved.

 Yes, Canada!! 

 Wow, a military tactic founded by G.I. Joe and a strategic 
approach to win the war.

So in 1943, fifteen (15) men spent two months on this soon to be named lake, and built a prototype on a 1-50 scale. 

 Was it seaworthy? 


 Was a full size ever built? 


 Because design challenges became apparent, costs were increasing and WW II ended a short time after.

 Joe’s real name: Geoffrey Pyke.

 Top Secret:  The Habakkuk. 

 The Lake: “Lake Patricia” located near Jasper, Alberta Canada. 

 The project was scrapped and the prototype left to melt. Did you know it took three (3) summers to melt and sink to bottom of Lake Patricia. 

 Depending on your deep sea diving skills, you may consider heading there next summer to take a look.

 Scattered, water logged wood is what you’ll find.

 Just a note:

 All of these stories start with a view of a postcard, checking details on a cover or looking at a stamp.

The collecting of this stuff can be a lot of FUN, and does not have to be expensive.

 If you like this story please take a moment to “share”, particularly with someone younger than you.

Take care,
John Bucci

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