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MJR's Collecting Story Continues.....The Near Death Experience Explained!


The Near Death Experience Explained!!

A meeting at the bank with the co-signers (spouses) was scheduled and it happened. 

The four of us, along with the bank manager discussed the situation. We then provided all the specific details to secure a loan. 
Now, financial institutions are supposed to make money, tied to interest rates. 

So MJR eventually finalized the loan, but I had a suspicion that the manager of the bank was, let’s say “confused” with our request.

Likely, he was wondering who “hypnotized” the spouses, to get them to co-sign the loan.

“REVEEN” comes to mind.


Now, as far as my near death experience, let’s just say that the multiple stitches to the face have now completely healed. 
In fact they blend in nicely with the other scar tissue that I accumulated playing hockey.

Check out Terry Sawchuck on YouTube, you will get the picture.
Our Washington State buddy can now live another day, as the cheques are honoured. Just to clarify, this was not a U.S. guy, but a Canadian.

You’d think? What would “you” think?
Now this loan business stuff, was not over. The actual amount I forget, but the interest rate exceeded 20%
So now what? 

Well, we have to pay off the loan before the divorce papers are issued. 

A deep thought occurs to my buddy and I, and together we come up with the “rock solid” idea of selling all the stuff at auction.

Rock solid idea, huh?
So, some time later we are at the Stamp/Philatelic auction. Of course we are anxious to see how well our “lots” will sell. Our optimism is pretty high as we have many, many patriotic postcards listed. 

We grab a coffee and wait, and then we wait some more and finally our lots are coming up.
First lot sells (not too good), second lot sells (not too good), the third lot sells - even lower.... and the trend continues. 

OK! OK! After 30 or 40 lots of agony, it’s now time to call EMS 911. 
My buddy looks over at me laughing and says, “are you going to puke?”

Pretty funny huh? And, to top it off the auctioneer says “when are the patriotic postcard lots ever going to end?" 

Further to that,  I overheard the buyer of this stuff on the “payphone” talking with his wife, and he says, “we did very, very well dear, be home soon."

If you are considering becoming a collector turned dealer in the Stamp, Deltiologist or Postal History business, cover all the bases.

It is supposed to be FUN, and when it isn’t THINK AGAIN.
Next week MJR’s Incorporation in 1984 and.......the “buying at shows” in southern Florida. 

Scary, scary, times in Miami. 
Take care,
John Bucci

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