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 It is the last day of the Stamp Show, lots of friends dropping by to say hello but selling stamps could be a lot better....definitely a lot better.
Then it happened. A Stamp Dealer looked over a few items at MJR’s table and spotted the one and only imperfect pair I had. 

Upon review he said, “I’m going to “make your show.” 
This resulted in a $60.00 sale, which was under priced. Frankly, I needed the cash.
The show ended, and I was feeling uncomfortable about the arrogant approach of the dealer. 
 Well, quitting was really not on my mind, so I ventured on and continued to learn.

 Or did I continue to lear? Listen to this, you be the teacher.
The Buying Trip To Seattle, Washington.
Well, my buddy and I became aware of a large holding of Canadian postcards and postal history for sale in the U.S.
Yes, I’m now out of the business of selling stamps. Luckily I sold them to another dealer.

Really not a big sale, with perpetual progress payments.
A nice propeller flight and now in Seattle, looking through a lot of items. Covers and a ton of very nice Canadian patriotic postcards. Very nice is very nice but ...........
Have you ever heard the phrase “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”? Keep this thought in mind for later.
After a few hours of looking, it was time to perhaps make a deal. 

How much and what kind of terms, figuring in travel expenses, shipping costs etc.

So, a quick ride to the coffee shop and then on to solidify a financial transaction. 
I forget the total amount or some specifics, but the financial terms with progress payments were finalized.
I still kick myself in the rear, for agreeing to the progress payments.
We then provided post dated checks to the seller.
Now, let’s go back to the “eyes are bigger than your stomach” phrase. We can also add on, "will revenue expectations cover our post dated checks.”
The first payment was made on time, but by the second it was evident that we were in a tough bind.

What to do? 
Well, let’s try a “fire sale.” 

On approval of course.
That was a failure!!
So, What next?
Well, let me just telephone the seller to ask for some financial flexibility with the monthly instalments.
Failed again!! 
In fact, it turned out to be about a 45 second conversation, ending with the sellers abrupt response. "NO!! I’ve taken these checks to the bank as collateral for my own purchases."

BANG !! He hung up.
 Oh! Oh!

Now What? In my mind a voice kept repeating, “so your eyes are bigger than your stomach."
Over and over again. Funny huh? 
Perhaps you have had a similar experience.
Not so Funny?
Multiple thoughts going through my brain, and bank loan interest rates at that time were 20%.

Remember When?  This happened mid 1980’s. Remember When?
Sounds like a “country song”, by Alan Jackson.
Not a chance that a “sugar daddy” would come along and say, “how can I help you kind sir?

Nope that wasn’t going to happen.
Now debt causes stress.

But add to the stress, no job security, families walking away from homes due to high mortgage rates, and payments for a “chunk” of postcards and covers. 

It was far from being fun.
I would NOT recommend anyone getting into this predicament.
So then, buddy and I decided to approach the bank for a loan. 
Sounds easy right?    

The bank’s requirement was, “your spouse(s) have to co-sign for the loan."

What? What?
Spouses?  Now let’s  pause a moment. .......and think about this little requirement.
Now, if a spouse is not too “keen” on your stamp and postcard collecting or dealing, what’s the strategy to get the spouse to co-sign a loan?
Well, I tried this approach. 
I quickly entered the house and even quicker I said, “Honey I’m home, honey you have to co-sign a loan."

"What did you say", she said. "I didn’t quite hear the second part." 

So, more slowly this time I said  .........
H O N E Y  - Y O  U - H A V E -  T O - C O S I G N -  A
L O A N. 
Well, just at that moment our gerbil “Pee Wee” overheard this conversation. 

Within a second or so, Pee Wee seemed to have a sudden energy boost.
A bump into the fridge, another at the stove and I spotted him running directly to me with his four legs just “a givener", and he had a great big smile on his face.
Laughing at me I believe, with his two tiny teeth sparking white as he squeaked out, “you stupid bugger”.
Alrighty then PEE WEE, REST IN PEACE. 

Now, please don’t get me wrong, Pee Wee died of natural causes.
My fate as a stamp collector,  postcard dealer?
Perhaps you have heard of a, “near death experience”.
Next week it continues.

Take care,
John Bucci


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