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NEWSLETTER JULY 9, 2021 - Have You Thought About Being A Dealer?

Hello Collectors,

As promised, here is one of my favorite tales from last year!

Have You Thought About Being A Dealer?

There are three parts to this story and this is Part 1.

A true story that may make you chuckle.

The dealer job description goes far beyond selling at a bourse table.

This all started when our son Mark qualified to participate in the Canadian Junior Golf Championship in Levis, Quebec. A great thrill for all of us that summer, and I thought of doing a postcard show in Toronto and then on to Quebec City. The flight from Edmonton to Toronto was great and while Mark and Simone carried on to Levis, I stayed at a friends house in Toronto.

I thought I made it very clear to my friend Mike that if he was so kind to drive me to the show next morning, after the show I would pack up and take a cab to the Toronto airport, well in advance of a flight to Quebec City. Mike agreed to drive me early for show set up, but insisted he leave the car for me to drive back after the show, for a roast dinner. The dinner part sounded good, but the driving back to Mike’s didn’t. I reluctantly said yes, but the cab idea to the Toronto airport seemed like a much better idea.

So early the next morning we packed the six, 35 lb to 45 lb heavy duty cases full of postcards, and headed to the show in down town Toronto.

The plan was to drop me off at the show entrance and then Mike would park the car two blocks away. He would then walk back and give me the car keys. Now Mike was very clear as to where the car was parked, but this was Toronto and not Edmonton.

The postcard show ended at 4:30pm and the coordinator announced we must clear the hall within a half an hour. If not, a hefty fine would be applied for exiting late. What? What?

That’s the binding agreement for rental, was the response. I hurriedly and hastily pack my six cases, exited the building and starting running with a case in each hand to find the car parked somewhere? But where?

Stay tuned. Part 2.
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Take care,
John Bucci

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