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Oh, What-a Crowd, What-a Crowd! The Edmonton Stamp Club Spring Show Was A Success!

Oh, What-a Crowd, What-a Crowd! The Edmonton Stamp Club Spring Show April 2nd - 3rd 2022

 The hard work and preparation by volunteers at this years show paid dividends for dealers and left collectors totally broke with huge smiles on their faces, as they left the Central Lions Recreation Centre In Edmonton. 😊😀


The theme this year: “Stamp Collecting Fun For The Family “

 The show had an immediate positive impact with 11 new families signing up to take part of the numerous programs offered the ESC.

ESC Show setup started Friday at 5:00pm, as dealers from across Western Canada rolled in with tons of new product. 

At the same time, ESC member brought in their Fun Frame Exhibits.  What are Fun Frames? Follow the Edmonton Club on Facebook for details forthcoming.

 It has been 3 years since the last ESC show which resulted in  dealers stocking up on stamps, postcards, covers and postal history items for collectors.

Friday evening ended with volunteers, members and dealers sharing stories and relaxing in the Atrium.

Ella catering used her brand new oven, to serve (as testimonials from the group) the “best” pizza ever.

It’s true, made from scratch, with fresh toppings. Just like the energizer bunny they just kept coming and coming, twenty delicious pizza’s in all.


Saturday was the busiest of the two day show, with about 400 collectors total over the two day weekend.

Oh! What-a Crowd. R.D.

This was a huge accomplishment as the ESC was dealing with the aftermath of COVID, and competed directly with an antique and collectables show the same weekend.

Sales were brisk for just about every dealer. Bargain after bargain was gobbled up by collectors.

The Junior attendance was the highest ever. Additionally, there were so many stamp related gifts given to kids, that even Santa couldn’t match that volume.


The kids also capitalized on the opportunity to send themselves a “surprise gift”, directly to their home address.

How did the ESC create this “first ever” opportunity for kids? Follow the ESC on Facebook for the answer.


Circuit books reached peak sales, and why not at 10% of catalogue.



The SUCCESS flag was waved by all!


Let’s touch base for a minute on FREE APPRAISALS. Never in the history of ESC Shows have there been so many individuals wanting their collections appraised.

Putting this into perspective, a line up of  5 to 7 individuals was continuous ALL DAY Saturday and yes ALL DAY Sunday.


A first impression might say this was “great”, but was it?

Waiting up to one hour with albums/collections in hand. for an appraisal is not good.

The lengthy wait will not happen again, as ESC show organizers are “on it” with a revised plan in place for 2023.


One final highlight of the ESC Show 2022 was partnering with the Edmonton Food Bank.

The collectors, volunteers and dealers all contributed by dropping non perishable foods in the bin.

The ESC Spring Show was a success in many ways.

Let’s call it: Food For Those Who Need It the Most.


John Bucci

ESC Director


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