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Optimizing Your Search On MJR's Website And Ebay Store



A couple of helpful hints to help you navigate through MJR’s Website or Ebay Shop.

 On the Home Page of MJR’s website, you will see the main categories listed across the page: SEARCH - POSTAL HISTORY – POSTCARDS – STAMPS - ABOUT US - CONTACT US 

Should you wish to find the most recent listings (let’s say POSTCARDS), DOUBLE CLICK on that main top category - POSTCARDS and you will see the most recent postcards listed. Then peruse at your leisure.

Similarly with regard to COVERS or CANCELLATIONS, go to the POSTAL HISTORY category and DOUBLE CLICK, and you will see the most recent postal history items listed. Then peruse.


The main categories at the top of the page (POSTAL HISTORY and POSTCARDS) have drop down sub-categories. On a computer or laptop, these categories will appear if you hover your mouse over those main categories, or if you click the (+) sign next to them on your mobile device.

When you click on a main category such as POSTCARDS and then the sub-category ALBERTA, you can filter the results with the two filter boxes on the right-hand side of the page. Those allow you to filter the ALBERTA Postcard results by type (RPPC, LINEN, TUCK, etc) or by (PRICE, NEWEST, OLDEST, ALPHABETICALLY, etc). The same applies to the POSTAL HISTORY category and sub-categories.

 To OPTIMIZE your SEARCH in more specific areas, enter a KEYWORD (1 or 2-words max) in the SEARCH BAR, click on the 🔍 (magnifying glass). Then peruse the results.


Now, this is where computers and various websites totally “baffle” me. Computers are very obedient (just like your children 👶🏼 and grandchildren) in that they “search” exactly what you want them to. BUT don’t make a “typo” or “error” or “combine words without spacing” or even “fumble a little”, as the internet will search your mistakes. You likely want results rather than a zero (0) report” or the “GOOGLE” approach, with a response - “it appears as if your having trouble”.


So now you think, OK I have everything correct, with my next attempt to search I’m going to get all those juicy postcards and covers.



Let’s say for example you are searching for Alberta Postcards on Ebay. Your search will bring up (as below)…


  1. Enter “Alberta Postcards” into Search. What do you get? (7,371 listings)
  2. Enter “AB. Postcards” into Search. What do you get? (3,942 listings)
  3. Enter “ALTA. Postcards” into Search. What do go get? (628 listings)
  4. Enter “Alberta RPPC Postcards” into Search. What do you get? (1274 listings)
  5. Enter “AB RPPC Postcards” into Search. What do you get? (526 listings)
  6. Enter “ALTA RPPC Postcards” into Search. What do you get? (93 listings)


The words you use in your search may result in new listings each time. Because “Sellers describe items in different ways and those “workers” inside your computer “search” exactly what you tell them. Obedient little “buggers” aren’t they?

Note! Listings fluctuate rapidly!

When you are searching MJR’s Ebay Store - , you will notice it has categories much the same as the website.

The main categories are in the Ebay Store are: CANADA POSTCARDS, USA POSTCARDS, WORLDWIDE POSTCARDS, TOPICAL POSTCARDS, STAMPS, POSTAL HISTORY AND ‘OTHER’. Clicking on any of these will bring up sub-categories to browse as well.


For clarification you may consider taking this newsletter to your “techie” experts. His/her first response will be this “MJR GUY” is a regular at the Cannabis/Marijuana Bar.


But more than likely the “techie” will confuse you even more than I did. 🤷🏻‍♂️


“Alberta” postcards are just one example, try it with your own examples.

U.S.A., States, C.P.R., N.W.T. or wherever there maybe an abbreviation.



John Bucci

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