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Our Grandson Cooper Helps Out

Hello Collectors,




“HELP !! HELP !!


Read on if you dare.


The Story:


Now, if and/or when you yelled “HELP!!”, were you thinking E.M.S. or 911, perhaps?  Or, - did you picked up your mobile device intending to speed dial the local liquor store?


If that was the case perhaps the “fix” you needed was a buddy?  A helper? A mentor?  Someone to organize masses of mess which I call “stuff”? 


Your kids and/or family members have zero interest. 😐  Any help would be welcomed! 🙏


In response to your call for “HELP”, your wife shows up with a huge garbage bag and opens it up. You look down into the gaping hole and then look up at your wife. She has a smile as wide as “coast to coast”. (Now in Canada that’s pretty wide!)


Well a similar situation happened to me (MJR) this past summer. Just as the garbage truck arrived, I got a call from our 15 years old grandson Cooper, offering to help out a couple days per week through the summer. Bless you, grandson!


One problem!  Cooper lived on an acreage out of town. Sixty kilometre (round trip).  With both parents at work - no one was available to drive Cooper to the city – that was a dilemma!


Becoming aware of this complication, Grandma jumped up, did a “backward flip” and said, “I’ll drive him!” 


Uh! Oh! Just an hour prior to Cooper’s call, Grandma had the garbage bag wide open. Yup it’s true. 


Finally “real help” was on the way! Or was it?




For Cooper’s first day, I had prepared, let’s say, a career path for him, starting with the very basics. A show and tell. 


·      This is a postcard/cover.  

·      This is the category it fits in. 

·      This is the scanner. 

·      This is the template. 

·      This is how we list items. 

·      This and this, etc.


On Cooper’s first day he envisioned (within a week or so) he would “buy in”  and move up to - marketing manager; then - operations manager and then to - CEO! 😳


Yup it was true…supposedly…perception!


(A few weeks later, his vision was to open a restaurant specializing in “no fat battered fried chicken”.🍗 Oh! Oh!)


After the “show & tell”, Cooper slipped into his “private cushy office”!  Tuned into his favourite radio station and cozied into his “raised up” office chair.  Then, our self proclaimed “keyboard specialist” cracked his knuckles and prepared to perform computer magic! 🤩


Then, hesitation…


Cooper queried, “What should I say, when I answer the telephone?”


My response, “Hello.”  


A lengthy pause followed then Cooper ventured.


“How about I say, ‘MJR Postcards & Covers, Cooper Bucci speaking, chief executive officer, how may I direct your call?’”


Uh! Huh!  😬


Within five minutes the telephone rings and he answers using his recommended phrase. 


“MJR Postcards & Covers, Cooper speaking, chief executive officer.  Um... One moment please”. Then hands me the phone. 




Who was it? 🤔 Was it a special request? Or a postcard collection for sale? Or? Or? 😲


The Story continues next week.



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