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Our Grandson Cooper Helps Out Part 2...

Hello Collectors


Help!! Help!! The Story Continued From Last Week.


Well, that rascal (Grandson Cooper) bated me!  (Just as the fisherman’s daughter did — remember that story from an earlier newsletter)?  Well, Cooper had slyly texted his sister to give him a callback at MJR.  Unknown to me the “bate” and “hook” were about to be cast.


To recap, last weeks newsletter left off  with a phone call coming in to MJR and Cooper answered.


“Hello, MJR Postcards & Covers, Cooper speaking, chief executive officer, how may I direct your call.  One moment please.” Cooper handed me the phone….


I speculated. Who was it?  🤔 A special request?  🤨 A postcard collection for sale? 🧐


“Hello,” I answered with hopeful anxiety.


“Guess what Grandpa?  Fish sticks for supper!”  Cooper’s sister, Cami, responded with a chuckle. 


My mouth gaped open.  🤣😂🤣   They got me hook, line & sinker!  


Now, you’ve all heard the fish stories about “the big one that got away.” 


Now, this postcard/postal history dealer was the “big one” and I did not get away.  How big a fish was I?  Well akin to a “beached whale”. In truth comparable in size to MOBY DICK (1956 movie).  


Yup it’s true!  




We must interrupt this “best seller” story to let you know:



MJR Postcards & Covers is having a 40% OFF BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

Friday Nov. 26 to Monday Nov. 29, all items listed on MJR's Website and Ebay Store are 40% OFF 

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Take care and happy shopping,
John Bucci

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