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Part 2 TV Cowboy Series Of The 1950's And 1960's

Hello Collectors,

Before I Start to Ramble: 

From all of us at MJR Postcards & Covers,


Now, last week my interpretation of those TV Cowboy Series (50’s -60’s), may need a little tweaking. I’ll let you do that.

If you recall the “bad guys” were wearing “masks” to hide their identity from the “good guys”, like:

Wyatt Earp (Gambler and Lawman), 

Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke Marshall), 

Cheyenne (Cheyenne Bodie, Frontier Justice)

Maverick (Brett Maverick. Gambler Looking For A Poker Game),

The Rifleman (Lucas McCain, Winchester Rifle),

Bat Masterson (Marshall Used His Cane as a Gun).

And the TV list goes on and on. Do you remember all of those “good guys”? Or were they really “good guys”?

Well the cowboy guy I had a special relationship with, was Roy Rogers.

Roy and I were pals, even more so than Dale his wife, or Pat Brady his side kick.

Did you know?

Pat Brady, who drove his Jeep, “Nellybelle” like a formula 1 race car (in it or out of it,) could also cook. 

Now Dale wasn’t really “keen” making meals of any kind, so she hired Pat. Yup, it’s true. 

Story has it that Dale liked to ride “Buttermilk” her horse, rather than making buttermilk pancakes. Yup, it’s true.

Now, Roy was envious of Dale’s horse “Buttermilk”, who had won 1st Prize in a “Horse Show” competition in Eureka.

Well, Roy had a few ideas on how his horse Trigger, could out do Buttermilk.

So, soon to arrive on the set was Roy’s prize Palomino, Trigger. Now, Trigger could do more tricks than Houdini and soon galloped into stardom.

 I wonder who was up next on the set?

“Bullet” comes to mind.

 Yes, Bullet the “Wonder Dog””. 

Now, I want to get things straight before we go onward.

Bullet the dog was NOT faster than a speeding bullet, and Bullet the dog is NOT to be confused with Rin Tin Tin or Lassie.

I had mentioned earlier that I was “pals” with Roy, and in fact might have had a coffee with Roy at the Eureka Cafe.  

Nope, that’s not true.

Now, in one Roy Rogers episode he needed some help, as there were a number of “bad guy” chasing him, with ill intent. All were wearing handkerchief face masks, and were in full gallop on horseback. 

Well, this part of the Story is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

This. is how I helped Roy get out of this predicament. 

In 1955 my father and mother took me on a “business trip”, to Chicago Illinois. 

That is one long, long car ride from where we were living Calgary, Alberta. I was 7 years old. 

So, how did this help Roy? No he was not in Chicago at the time.  

My dad however, bought me an “air rifle” pellet gun. 

Now, if your father was in World War II like mine was, guns in the home might have been common place.

Might have been?

In any event, we were heading back to Canada by automobile, with gun on board.

Obviously I didn’t think of it at the time, but NOW !!

If Al Capone could sneak across the Canadian border with machine guns, booze and whatever, we shouldn't have a problem.

Al apparently was in Saskatchewan, perhaps as a hideout from Elliot Ness and the Untouchables.

“OR” Al, who loved Canadian Club Whisky was likely making a deal or two with Canadian distilleries.

Mr. Capone was never an advocate of PROHIBITION. 

Oh!! Did You Know? 

Did you know why Elliot Ness and his 12 or so Untouchables were called Untouchables?

Well, because each of them swore they would never be “on the take”, that being money, gifts or personal gain. 

All that the Untouchables had to do was turn a blind eye to raging crime in Chicago, 1920’s - 30’s.

In fact, a knock on the door of Elliot Ness, resulted in an envelope given to him by a gangster type looking guy.

In the envelope was $2,000 cash. Ness turned it down even though it was more money that he could make, one year of salary.

OK , crossing the border into Canada was not a problem, gun and all. 

Now, I started to experiment with the pellet gun, a rifle.

It was a nine pump air compression model. 

The bullets were a gray lead type, crafted to propel with a blast of air when triggered. 

Not Trigger, Roy’s horse, but triggered the gun.

Practice and practice I did, becoming very aware of all aspects of gun safety and I became a reasonable shot.

So, it was getting time to watch the TV series Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.

All by myself at the time, sitting on the couch, gun in hand, then Roy appeared on our 17 inch black and white Motorola TV.

Well as I watched, Roy was in serious, serious trouble. Masked robbers saddled up on horse, were in pursuit of Mr. Rogers. 

Have you heard that name before, Mr. Rogers?

Bad guys with guns blazing, so I had to help Roy but how?

Did I say guns blazing ???

Where is my gun?

Exciting finish next week.

Happy New Year To All!

John Bucci


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