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Roy Rogers the Cowboy in Serious Trouble - The Conclusion

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Roy Rogers the Cowboy in Serious Trouble? 

The Conclusion 

Well to refresh, 

Roy Rogers, gripping his saddle horn, cowboy boots glued to the stirrups, astride Trigger, who was pretending that he was “Secretariat”, a thoroughbred racehorse triple crown winner in 1973 - and they were in a race of their own.

The outcome? Was it Roy with Trigger?  Or the Face Masked “bandits”? Read on if your curious, George.

Yes!! It was this kid with a pellet gun to, let’s say finish off those masked cattle rustlers, stage coach robbers, raiders and so forth.  

So, as I watched on the 17 inch Motorola TV, it was evident Mr. Rogers was in serious, serious trouble.

Well, I gave the pellet rifle “nine” full pumps to compress air in the cylinder, and took aim.

And, if you recall, based on my astute attention to gun and firearms safety, there WAS NOT a grey lead bullet loaded in the rifle. Besides that, the safety was engaged.

The triggering of the pellet rifle, would result in a sudden “puff” of air upon release. Now this "puff” of air wasn’t going to hurt anybody, bad guys or good guys, or even the cat.

As Mr. Rogers needed help, my intent was a “precision hit” of at least one of those not so “good guys”.

Well, sure enough the “posey” group of gun slingers came over top roadside, in pursuit of my pal Roy.

Now having a keen eye, my sights locked in on the closest rustler to Roy.

 I fired. BANG!!  A noise, not just the sounding of a sudden “puff” of air, but BANG!!

 The lead bullet which WAS NOT loaded, actually WAS loaded, AND, AND of course you want to know but wait - there is more story here.

 Now, this was very early in the evolution of TV sets in Western Canada. 

 Speculation was if you broke the screen(s) of a TV se,t an explosion was likely to happen.

 Oh! I’m waiting or what?

 Speculation was everywhere in the world at that time. Coincidentally, Pat Brady and Nellybelle spinning on all four wheels was not the only phenomenon happening on the planet.

 Guess what? The “launch” of the Sputnik, the first satellite by the Russians in 1957, had speculation after speculation.

 Why? The Technology Gap between Russia and the Western World resulted in fear, anxiety and scary stuff for the United States and allies.

Never thought I would go there did ya? Sputnik, Sputnik.

The TV Did Not explode but the Space Race Exploded !!

Now what did happen after the lead bullet hit the TV screen?

The pellet had a somewhat soft lead hit flush on the TV screen.

No damage, but when I looked on the floor...

No I didn’t find the unfortunate “bad guy” on the floor, grimacing in pain.

However, and I kid you not, there lay a lead pellet/bullet as flat as a dime, I mean that flat.

Go figure, was that luck?

Now, as it turned out Roy Rogers and the total TV, cast over came their potential adversity.  

Millions and millions of TV viewers were delighted that the “bad guys” were jailed, and of course 
Roy and Dale ended up singing "Happy Trails To You Until We Meet Again".

And until we meet again, have fun with the new listings.


Recognizing that I was seven at the time, how old was I when I told my mother this very same story?  Any guesses?

Take care,

John Bucci


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