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Senior Collectors VS Junior Collectors

It’s Not Working - Or is it?Senior collectors — vs — Junior CollectorsHello Collectors!A. One Senior’s Perspective“I do not want to know about the internet, computers or any of that bull! That ‘piece of plastic junk’ causes stress and frustration. ‘Hackers’ take your ‘life-time earnings’. They (computers) are trouble! I’m out!”How did you find out about the Edmonton Stamp Club this past weekend?Let me think… Oh!! A letter in the mail! (a) One Kids PerspectiveI’m addicted to computers, my iPad, iPhone, my mobile device - all those Apps to choose from.  In fact I’m on my iPad 10 plus hours a day. It’s all fun, I even built a bridge on my latest App.Why?Dragon’s fire, coming from its nose was chasing after me. I had to build a bridge to avoid getting my ‘ass’ burnt.How did you find out about the Edmonton Stamp Club Spring this past weekend?I didn’t, just too busy on my iPad. By the way what is a stamp Show?B. Another Seniors PerspectiveWhen I was a kid, a pen, pencil and an inkwell was how I connected with others.I placed a handwritten letter in an envelope and adhered my favourite postage stamp in the top right corner; then dropped it in the mail.  Kids nowadays are on that ‘super highway’!How did you find about the Edmonton Stamp Club Show last weekend?While driving I saw a big “banner” draped over a bridge that said ESC Show April 2-3.(b). Another Kids PerspectiveI’m computer savvy. When I was two years old, I had my hands on a a computer.How did you find about the Edmonton Stamp Show last weekend?Well, my grandfather collects stamps and he wanted to know when the next show was scheduled. I went to my computer and searched. Well the ESC Show was promoted everywhere!What do you mean by everywhere?Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, All event/show calendars across Canada, as well as Links, newspapers, websites, TV & Radio, All Stamp and Philatelic societies and more.That’s a lot of promotion, so everyone must have known, right?Well, not really. Let’s put it this way:Most “seniors” don’t give a shit about social media!Most “kids” don’t give a shit about stamps!THE LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN, FALLING DOWN OVER TROUBLED WATERS ———— OR IS IT?
Take care,
John Bucci

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