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The Angry Wasp Adventure In Alberta Canada

Hello Collectors !!


Great Summer, ☀️ this year, in Northern Alberta, Canada!  You know it’s a good summer when the farmers are saying “bumper crop”! 🌾 🌾🌾


Additionally, the “wasp” population was extremely productive - building their nest on our deck. Or should I say, building a nest nestled in a corner under a table on our deck.


Now, I never really liked wasps, that much, and those little buggers did not like me. 




Perhaps the reason I didn’t care for them was because I had an unfortunate experience with a few angry wasps. 


It all started when I was 9 years, old, on a fishing trip, when I began throwing rocks at a wasp nest nicely hanging from a water logged tree.


Sandy Koufax of the NY Yankees ⚾️ was at his prime and so I was fine tuning my pitching skills to hit the “bigs”.  


Well, as sure as fate would have it after a few throws - a direct hit!  Then what happen? 


Well, I broke the 100 yard dash record, running it in 9.9 seconds to the car. Safe and sound, windows and doors shut — no worries. 😮‍💨 Phew!


That two hour ride home was relaxing. After a quick bite, off to bed with school the next morning. The following week (7 days later) we are at the same fishing hole — that is, stream fishing, and as I threw my line in the stream….




I started screaming and screaming and screaming, some more!  My dad and my uncle rushed over to see what was happening.


Well, three wasps had bolted to my eyes, resulting in two (2) stings on one eye and one (1) sting on the other. Within a couple of minutes both my eyes were swollen shut!


I thought only elephants had photographic memories not wasps. Those little basters were attacking as if it was a replay of Pearl Harbour in the 1940’s U.S.A.


My dad and uncle (both WWII vets) were quick to get mud from the river and pack it around my eyes, to keep the swelling down. After that ordeal, I had the longest and most uncomfortable car trip; arriving home very late. ⏰ 


OK, OK.  It was time to meet my mother!


First one of our MJR’s readers to guess what my mother did - after I got home, gets a $20.00 credit on MJR’S website. 


If you guess my mother went out and bought a few postcards - or initiated divorce papers to my dad you are wrong!


Furthermore, the first one to finish the story of “The Wasp Nest Nestled Under a Table on John’s Deck”,  WITH ACCURACY, gets a $40.00 dollar credit on MJR’S website. 


Next week…..

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