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The Angry Wasp Adventure in Alberta, Canada Conclusion

Hello Collectors,
QUESTION #1 and Question 2:  The Winners Revealed
(Continued from last week)

1.  Why in the hell did you throw rocks at a wasps nest in the first place.
Sandy Koufax a left handed pitcher for the Los Angles Dodgers was in the “bigs”, striking out batter after batter. So, why not let a 9 years old left handed kid, dream!
2.  Why did you go back to the very same fishing hole only one week after — what the wasps called more devastating than the Halifax explosion!  

Well, it was at the same fishing area but I was a 150 yards up stream from the previous wasps nest.
So, I concluded the Queen wasp was really pissed off. Evidence was the last time I saw her she was doing the “elementary back stroke” to get to shore. Then of course her back side was wet and her stinger limp…
Then? What?  Without hesitation the Queen wasp quickly formed a swarm of “stinger fighters”. 
The directive: If that “wannabe  pitcher” returns – “attack and sting” - as soon as you see the white’s of his eyes!
So if you read last weeks “best seller”, as reported by the New York Tyme, you’ll know the outcome.
Now to the “Green Desk” on the deck. What did I do?
I dumped the desk upside down visibly seeing a wasp cone in the corner. 
(A couple of wasps were flying around and I assumed they were long - and I mean l-o-n-g distant cousins - about 65 years ago.) So, I had to be careful.
I was thinking 🤔 this and thinking 🧐 that and then I remembered. I had cut the grass earlier that day.
Hold it ! Hold it. If you are thinking I was going to get that lawn mower on the deck and chop up the desk and wasps nest? I don’t think so, Tim.
The alternative. In the shed was a gasoline can and I wondered if these wasps were thirsty. Apparently they were. I nuzzled the spout of the gas can to the small hole at the top of the cone and slowly, very slowly poured gas and more gas.
The hive was saturated along with every thing else. The wasps were not escaping those lethal fumes!
After a 30 minute wait, the garden hose finished the job with a thorough soaking of the desk.
Now back to the Winners: 
Question #1.  What did my mother do?

Winner:  Christine! ($20.00 credit on MJR’s Website)
Christine was spot on!  Her answer was: 
…my guess is that she rinsed your eyes out and then had you keep cold compresses on them to reduce and keep the swelling down…
(In addition, the next day however “no school” and we went going directly to see the doctor.)
Question #2.  How did I get rid of the wasps?

Winner:  “Dave/Margy ”!  (Winner of $40.00 credit on MJR’s website.)  Their answer was the closest:
“I don't know what you did with the nest of wasps under your table on the deck but I'd wait until dark when they are all "home" and then spray the nest with dedicated wasp and bee killer safely aiming the spray from a few feet away, saturating the nest and exterminating all within it over the next few minutes.  Stay away until morning then clean up the mess with a garden hose.  Now the WASP proportion of the population of Ontario is being reduced but that's another story that can't be brought up.”
For all those who responded, thank you!  You’re speculations were much appreciated.

 Take care,
John Bucci

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