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The Camels Challenge

Western Canada Real Photo Postcards Wanted !!
Western Canada Split Ring, & Territorial Cancels !

Hello Collectors,

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The Story,

Remember those two 🐫 humped camels, preparing for their almost certain fate of death, crossing the (3) scorching deserts on this Planet.

If you are thinking, that these potential camels’ life threatening challenges, are like “fun in the valley of the ☀️ sun” or a golf round in paradise; you are suffering from a severe case of sun stroke and soon to toss your marijuana cookies!

Give these camels 🐪 🐪 a break. They are under a lot of stress - thirsty and cranky – because, as they prepare for their “desert classic” — above, in the sky; circulating round and round; like military aircraft doing a sortie mission, are those chop licking buzzards!

The buzzards are thinking lunch, and the camels are thinking who in the hell is writing this stuff?

A New York’s Best Seller? No!! Think again - MJR.

The camels fate is almost certain. Is there a “miracle on 49 street” that could save them?

Now, collectors you won’t believe this but it’s true.

A flash 💫 and a star and the message is clear!

“🎵 We Three Kings of Orient are” (in need of 2 more camels to…)
“bear our gifts as we traverse afar 🎶
field and fountain moor and mountain,
🎶 following yonder star” 🌟
And, the camels lived happily ever after…

John Bucci

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