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The Conclusion Of The Fascinating Story Behind The Signature Of The 1851 Stampless Cover


Yes !! George did Marry.

A woman who achieved more in many respects, than her husband George. The wife, a woman of vision after destruction built a landmark which is prominent in Canada today.

Let’s  call her Sally for now.

So now, married George is in California, why California? 
Well of course the “California Gold Rush”. Imagine that, George panning for gold as if...........

Now, George returns back to his beloved Province, a British Colony  in Canada. Then, in 18 months or so dies an unexpected death. 

Suddenly - let’s say at 41 years old, leaving his wife Sally with two small children and pregnant with a third.

How do you suppose George met his fate of death?  Any Guesses?

The answer coming up, but for now let us change the focus of this Story to the widow, Sally and her soon to be three small children. 

Mourning was evident, George was a loving husband and affectionate father.

Now, there were a lot of “wrong doings” with merchants after George’s death. So what did Sally do?

Law suit, after law suit, resulted in a “lot of money” recovered from devious merchants. In fact at least fourteen (14) suits were issued in a five year period (1865-1870).

Now get this!! 

One of the merchants being sued was George’s brother. In fact he was found guilty and had to pay back about £1,500 in 1870. 

I cannot guess how much that is in 2020.  If you know, let me know?

OK! OK! Now back to Sally.

Within a couple of year’s, the grand home of Sally and her three small children burned to the ground. 

But, this was not just any ordinary fire.

This was called the “great fire”, and destroyed over a hundred houses and various businesses. The destruction spanned over four blocks. Yes, four blocks. That’s a lot of heat.

So what did Sally do? 

Well, she bought two large lots and consulted with a leading architect. She then had constructed a Grand, Grand home, a club let’s say with a stunning Italian design. 

This Club was called the............... ? It stands to today, a landmark  and has a lengthy history of its own.

Now Sally, likely at this time was handling a vast majority of business transactions of her late husband George. 

Easy to say but this was a huge undertaking, a small Empire let’s say.

Now let’s summarize, put everything in perspective and reveal the true identity of the people in this fascinating  story.  If you recall, this took place in Atlantic Canada in the 1850’s.

1. The Province, Prince Edward Island. A British Colony at the time.

2. The Man, George Fish Crow Lowden (1819-1864). 

3. The Town, Charlottetown P.E.I.  

4. His Wife,  Esther Lowden (1835-1896).

5. The Grand House, The Haviland Club. 

6. The Stampless letter 1851 was sent to a brother in New York. This is revealed by George’s signature “your affectionate brother”. The recipients  name, John Lowden. 

*Now this information of “brothers” maybe challenged by some, but logic tells me it is true.*

7. How did George Lowden meet his fateful death at 41 years of age? Apoplexy, sudden loss of consciousness,  cerebral hemorrhage.

The 1851 Stampless, Prince Edward Island Cover “PAID 6” which sparked this historic story, is listed on the MJR Website: ID #FD2965.

Thank you,

John Bucci

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