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The Games People Play

 Hello Collectors,






(Remember That Song 🎼 by Joe South?)


YOU DO ?? 🤩


Well, I’ve made a minor change to the lyrics and it goes like:


Before I start this “best seller” short story, please pause for a moment and ponder: 🤔


Why MJR called a previous transaction, with a postcard dealer as BULLSHIT - totally unacceptable — slippery, slimy, stinky, crawling with flies BULLSHIT.




🎶 Oh the games DEALERS play now

Every night and every day now 🎵

🎶 Never…La da da da etc.


Now just to be clear this is my (MJR’S) experience with a well known dealer. The majority of dealers are NOT like the one referenced here.


The Story:  The “Bullshit”  Ethics Of A Well Known Postcard Dealer


Almost daily, I was getting “bombarded” with e-mails from a postcard seller with regular promotional phrases like:


“….100 postcards just listed up to 75% OFF or

….100,000 postcards just added to our stock or don’t want to miss the RPPC’s USA”


Subsequently while I was perusing the internet (specifically eBay) searching for Canadian real photo postcards, I happened upon this “well known dealer’s eBay ID”.  To my surprise several “Maple Leaf” items showed up and it wasn’t Austin Matthews!


As I meticulously went over his listings, I found a few to be in my area of interest - hence, “$175.00 U.S. worth” dropped into my cart.  Payment was made, immediately, by way of PayPal.




Or was it…?


Now, to take a step back — there is nothing wrong with promotions. Over the years I’ve spent a “chunk of $$ change” buying from various websites and benefiting from these promotions.  Quality Canadian material from this seller was usually very expensive therefore purchasing “on sale material” softened the blow.


In the interim, as I waited for the material to arrive, I continued to receive daily sales notifications from this “eBay KING PIN” with various sales alerts.


Enough is ENOUGH!!


The emails did not stop so I thought


“Oh the games DEALERS play now, 🎶

🎵 Every night etc. and day now.”


So - you are saying - why in the hell didn’t you block his emails! Good question! 


I was really keen on acquiring this order (Canadian stuff) therefore did not want to “piss” this “over the moon guy” OFF!


Consequently, I did not block his emails (which seemed like “desperation” from the mighty of mights…no, no I mean termites)!  I wait one week, then another and after a month I still have no product and waiting…


 So you may think I’m bitching, complaining or whining?


Well you’re right!! 


No product received; perpetual emails notifications — Joe South 🎶 came to mind:


“🎶 Never meaning what  say now…”


The, “why in the hell did he do that”?  Do what you ask?


Next week this “best selling” short story reveals “the rest of the story.”


“🎶 Oh the games Dealers play now,

Every night and every day now….🎶


 John Bucci

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