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The Games People Play Part 2

🎤 Oh, the games Dealers play, now
Every night and every day, now 🎶
🎵 Never meaning what they say, now
Never saying what they mean…🎶
So what really happened with this “king pin” dealer?
Or — why did this deal go - sideways?
I have no idea‼️
If you recall, I was awaiting the delivery of my “super on-sale purchase”, of Canadian Real Photo Postcards (RPPC’s).
After an extremely long wait — a month — I receive an eTransfer payment of $300 to MJR’S account⁉️
Now it wasn’t Christmas or my birthday, so I initially thought it was a “sugar daddy” recognizing “this postcard guy” was broke and in need of dog food for my pooch. 🐾  I mean, what the hell else could it be…❓ Well! 
An email followed, notifying me that it was a “payment return” from this “slippery slick” postcard dealer.  No other explanation was offered!  After a second look the return amount was $15 less than my original commitment! (Currency adjustment due to an increase in exchange rates.) Thus, my RPPC order was cancelled and I was out $15.00‼️
Now, let’s put this in perspective.

A long time established postcard dealer of which MJR has previously purchased a “chunk here and a chunk there” over the years.
A dealer - who has thousands of lots listed on various websites.
A dealer - who sends you an e-mail every day to buy and buy more on 10,000 new postcards just listed or whatever.
A dealer - who has made it well known that he is the “king pin” of all dealers and implies he pays more in listing/admin fees than anyone on this planet.

A dealer - who confirmed that a postcard order was sent to a customer but obviously was not…
In another situation, a payment was made buy a collector to “slippery slick” and no postcards were sent., The buyer politely requested a “recheck” - just in case the order was overlooked.
The outcome in this case:  It was “overlooked”. 

The result:  All the kings horses and all the kings men found the package and sent it to the buyer decades late.
This dealer seems to be lacking in customer service. 🙄
Here is another unethical practice by a different dealer that I witnessed at a coin and stamp shop.
A customer and dealer were finalizing a transaction. In this case the customer had cash in hand to purchase a coin which had been displayed and visibility priced. The customer handed the dealer the money.
Guess what happened?
The dealer glanced down; took a closer look; observed the coin’s price and said, “Oh no I can’t sell you this one.”
The client was “pissed off”.  A heated discussion occurred with the customer leaving in disgust.  Another “bullshit” move by a dealer. (And get this - the coin was repriced later at just $5.00 more than the original.)
Go figure that one? 🤷🏻
Here’s another comparable occurrence. 
A dealer had a box of Canadian First Day Covers “all priced”, he said???  The customer flipped through the “box” and selected several FDC’s —  a few were “not priced”.  Again, a similar reaction was displayed as the previous dealer.  He looked at the covers then placed them on the backup table. “No sale!”
As a collector, I believe, if you are at a “stamp, postcard or collectable” show perusing MJR’S stock and you find a “steal of a deal”, my approach is “good for you”! 
That’s what the hobby is all about! Right?
Well if it’s near a “spectacular deal”, flip a Big Mac burger my way. That will do‼️
🎶 Oh, the games Dealers play, now
Every night and every day, now 🎵
Never meaning what they say, now
Never saying what they mean…🎶
Have a great weekend, collectors!
John Bucci

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