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The Interest of A Postcard Collection. Who Looks And Who Doesn't?

Hello Collectors,

 Got a call recently from a lady who had an album of postcards, for appraisal or possible sale. This was a collection of her Grandmothers, and she indicated that there were quite a few cards from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Sounds interesting right?

 Well, what I would refer to as a “virgin” collection, not filtered through auction houses, dealers or other collectors.... was about to happen.

 We arranged to meet for coffee, masks and all, and she brought the collection which was safely protected in a plastic tub.

 So, I then start to look through this very old album which was raggedly taped together, and saturated with postcards. They were nicely staged, with a few slipping out here and there, and 95% in excellent collection. About 600 to 800 I would guess, in a great big fat album. In fact, my arm got tired turning page after page looking at this stuff.

 So....what was in it, you might ask. Hurry up and tell me!

 Well, just a side note here. I had asked the lady, who was a school teacher, if she had contacted others about this collection.

 "Yes", she said. "But I was getting responses like...drop by and I’ll take a look." Then, "what’s in the album?" Or, of course, "oh, I’m not interested”. Another common response was, “I don’t want to even look at them, if that’s what they are”.

 So what was in this Collection? Next week the story continues.

Take care,


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