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The Interest Of A Postcard Collection. Who Looks And Who Doesn't? Continued.....

Hello Collectors,

If you have a “liking” for vintage heavily embossed Greeting postcards with creative artwork, bold colouring and for all occasions, then this collection was made for you.

 If have a “liking” for vintage Comic postcards, many of them not politically correct in this time period, then this collection was made for you.

 If you have a “liking” for vintage small town RPPC’c (real photo) and Printed Litho postcards then this collection was made for you.

 If you have a “liking” for Split Ring broken circle cancellations then this collection was made for you.

 This collection had just about everything, but one thing was over looked by the current owners. Grandma, in her wisdom, wrote a litte note behind many of the mounted postcards in the album. A note referring to a family member and/or the image itself. GREAT WORK GRANDMA!!

 This was a family’s connection between members living in a small town Nebraska, and similarly members of a small town in Saskatchewan.

 Now, this brings me back to the subject of this story: The Interest of a Postcard Collection. Who Looks and Who Doesn't?

Now What Would You Do?

*Just as a side note, the family member who sold this collection had a pretty good idea what she wanted for it. The lady did her homework, and the final transaction was completed meeting her expectations.

 It was a "win win".


Take care,


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