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The Perfect Railway Depot Postcard

Good afternoon everyone, 

 A very enthusiastic collector of Railway Depot RPPC's (Real Photo Postcards), once described to me the "perfect R.R. Depot postcard".

This is what he said:

"The perfect Railway Depot postcard must be a real photo card, with a relatively closeup view, circa early 1900's. The image must be crystal clear, rather than faint or faded copy. Excellent condition is a factor which determines my purchase price, although historical reference sometimes preempts condition".

 It's important to note that a few photographers were highly skilled in the early 1900's, but many were not. The sophistication of the camera and the negative were determining factors as to how the photo turned out.

 Further to the story. The locomotive/train must be at the Depot and smoke/steam billowing from the engine stack. The Depot sign must be clearly visible and named. Passengers are to be on the platform, luggage in hand, waiting for the train. A horse drawn luggage wagon is adjacent to the Depot. On the back of the postcard is a perfect strike (postmark) of the town and date. The example below would likely please this entusiastic collector.  

Calstadt, AB. RPPC postcard. 1907 "Railway Depot". Vintage and original. Condition - Excellent. (An Alberta Ghost Town).

 If you have one of these, call me at 2:00am and I will be over in 5 minutes to pick it up!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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