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The Postmaster's Mistake

Hello Collectors,

 A long while back, in a small village, the social gathering of settlers and homesteaders continued at the Postmaster’s general store.

 As the mail was the main source of communication, the Post Office was a busy place, particularly with general store sales.

 But where was this village located?

 First hint, this “out of away” place  was located on the Alberta prairies during the territorial period 1800’s.

 Any Guesses?

 No, this wasn’t Camp Whoop-Up.

 So, in the early 1900’s Canada Post noticed there were some very strange things happening, in this “out of away” Post Office in Alberta N.W.T.

 What Canada post did, was a comparison of transactions (gross revenues) of  post offices in near by rural areas, which lead to further investigation.

 Now the second hint. It was close to the Turner Valley oil fields and the village now a town is named Millarville, Alberta. 

 Well how about that. The things that happen in the bush.

  If you didn’t know, Millarville has held over the years a number of “Fairs“, with horse show competitions.

  So, Canada Post, what did they find? Check this out.

  Post Office Revenue:

 1908 Millarville $950 -  Midnapore (nearby location) $300
 1909 Millarville $1800 -  Midnapore $630
 1910 Millarville. $2300 - Midnapore $1100
 1911 Millarville  $1370. - Midnapore $1390

  Notice the similarities of revenue, in 1911.

  Now, what happened?  The Postmaster was terminated.

  After an audit, Canada Post recognized that these very high revenues in comparison to Midnapore were a result of general store check, and/or Postmaster selling the stamps basically for personal profit.

 Quite likely for payment of the Postmaster’s general store debt. Stamps in some cases were used as  cash.

 This was against the law as established by Canada Post.
and the Postmaster named Malcolm Millar was prosecuted.

 I wonder if Mrs. Millar knew of her son’s wrong doing.  Remember the initial letter to her, residing in her home in Scotland.

 Now this story and audit by Canada Post, is not as exciting as many other audit stories. 

 Like Elliott Ness and the Untouchables, with tax accountants sending Al Capone to jail. 

 Now, where did that come from? 😀😀

 Take care,


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