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The Suprise Birthday Gift-Then The Divorce!

Hello Collectors,THE SURPRISE BIRTHDAY GIFT—THEN THE DIVORCEWhat the hell does that mean?  Read on if you dare…So, you are a collector, perhaps a hoarder!  As such you have given yourself permission to purchase (within budget) anything that is of interest.Hmmm… You could be thinking of a new item for your stamp collection or perhaps “zeroing in” on a specialized area of postal history or shifting your interests in your postcard want list.Or perhaps you are bored, tired of playing “kick the can” (remember that one) or looking for a new adventure!Besides it’s your birthday in a couple of days and since you gave yourself permission to “buy” (within budget) you start to consider. 🧐  With a cigar wedged between your index and middle finger you gaze into the thick white/blue cigar smoke.💨  After a couple of deep inhales from the sweet Havana you devise a plan.  In fact a “birthday request” will definitely surprise the childhood bride.  Yes that’s your wife.  (Let’s say its Pinky) READ ON !!You start to annualize and determine Pinky’s pension is strong and you have - none!  This - combined with the fact that Pinky traditionally asks you what you want for a birthday gift…🎁 Hmm…. Well rather than ask for another clean pair of shorts 🩳…TRY THIS!!“Pinky, I’ll buy my own birthday cakeif you buy me These Canadian Stamps.The response, “Absolutely!You deserve to be a “King” on this special occasion!”Please give me the invoice.”A “King” - huh??? A “King” - OOH!!!That thought stuck in my mind. How did Pinky know!KNOW WHAT…? That… “Upper End Canadian Stamps” of  “King. Edward VII” block(s) of (4) were listed on MJR’s website!!!An interesting concept (King to King) But, only if you can relate to the British Colonies and British Royalty!  If so this opportunity may be for you.But there is more.  After reviewing these King Edward VII stamps (F-VF Used with  CDS dates) - how long would it take to acquire this collection? Think about that for awhile, a long while.The Price?  Oh, right!! The invoice – goes to Pinky!However, the “$45.00 price ticket” on the multi layered birthday cake 🎂 goes to - The Birthday Boy!Now, The Birthday Boy “special ordered” this master piece of a cake (not just any ordinary cake)!  It was five layers (27 inches high) with a colourful thick icing - and the topping – an edible frosting sheet with the image of the King Edward stamp perf “12 by 12 1/2”.  All that and two candles! 🕯🕯 Yup it’s true! The price of the stamps (with images) and details are below.But by devouring the cake, almost entirely by myself — gave me a stomachache and bathroom break at the same time.🤢Furthermore I’ll never forget the huge smile 😃, (wider than the Grand Canyon) on the messenger’s face the next day as he handed me a special delivery letter. On the front of the envelope printed in bold red was: SURPRISE,  DIVORCE PAPER’S ENCLOSED!The price of the stamps (with images) and details are below. Please click on the image to view the listing on MJR's website.

ITEM #FD12000 -  #89-#95 King Edward VII Used F-VF Blocks of (4) Canada Stamp                                                                     

Price $500

Description: Canada 1903 - 1908 King Edward VII Complete Set Blocks of (4) Used. Scarce to get lightly cancelled in blocks of (4). Catalogue $900.00.

1. Scott  #89 1 cent - green

2. Scott  #90  2 cent - carmine

3. Scott  #91  5 cent  - blue

4. Scott  #92  7 cent  - olive bistre

5. Scott  #93 10 cent - brown, lilac

6. Scott  #94 20 cent - olive green

7. Scott  #95  50 cent - purple 

ITEM #FD12001 -  #89-#95 King Edward VII Used F-VF Set Including (2) shades of 7 cent and 10 Cent Canada Stamp                 

Price $300

Description: Canada 1903 - 1908 King Edward VII Complete Set Used F-VF Canada Stamp. Catalogue $425.00 ++.


The team here at MJR would also like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! To celebrate the return of the bunny, MJR is holding an Easter long weekend sale. Friday April 15 to Monday April 18, almost everything on the MJR website and MJR's Ebay Store will be 40% off, including SALE items! *Discount will apply at checkout.* 
Happy shopping collectors!Take care,John Bucci

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