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The very sad ending of the $50,000 Stamp Collection

Hello Collectors,
The very sad ending of the $50,000 Stamp Collection…
Each stamp was placed in mounts (perhaps split back mounts or others). The stamps were perfectly mounted giving a “first class” presentation.
So, what went drastically wrong? Well a decision was made to apply an adhesive tape on both sizes of the mount somewhat close to the stamp.
Over a lengthy period of time the aging adhesive tape started to change to a yellowish colour. Then, a deeper yellow, eventually turning to a dark orange. Underneath was the sticky stuff which migrated eventually into the stamp — every stamp.
So a very sad story with the family going home to think and think again - what to do?
A joke or two contributes to a healthy lifestyle!
Four postcard dealers with all of their stock, got stranded on a small island. All four managed to make a profit!
If you are struggling with e-mails, try putting your stamp on an envelope rather than a computer screen.
Are you investing to make a million dollars buying stamps or postcards? Start with $2 million dollars, and then when the investing is over you have the million!
Think about this one for a minute or two. Some stamps have ambitions of travelling all over the world. Well, like little Jack Horner they are stuck in a corner. How did your vacation turn out last year?
What did the envelope say to the stamp? Get stuck on me and we will go places together. That is until we get unhinged, then we go our separate ways! You go “special delivery” back to live at your mom and dads place, and I’m destined to the dead letter office.
Have you ever wondered where that pointed finger goes after it is returned to sender?
Take care,
John Bucci

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