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This Is A Deal You Really Don't Want To Hear About!

Hello Collectors,
I was presented an estate “sale of stamps” (postage basically), a couple of years ago and thus made an offer. 
As many of you know MJR frequently sends out product to collectors in hard mailer envelopes. In most cases the mailers are laden with numerous, sometimes attractive mint stamps of various denominations. 
A broker was handling this estate and extended the material for my assessment, and asked me to make an offer.  
SO I DID!!  I replied back to the broker with my offer, his response was SOLD!!
This was a fair chunk of change for MJR to handle. Every piggy bank in the house was preyed upon and dog food was in short supply.
So the broker relays the offer to the family of the estate and the response was NO!!  GIVE IT BACK!!  
At present this stamp collection was still in my possession and what I was hearing was “SOLD” from the broker, and “GIVE IT BACK” from the family. 
I’m guessing at this part of the story you are thinking a number of reasons, but PREDOMINATELY that the offer wasn’t high enough?
That was not the case.  I will carry on with what really happened.
WARNING it now gets MESSY. It’s RISKY to keep reading. 
DON’T ever let this happen to YOU.
Shortly after, I get a telephone call from a family member of the estate. He says “what’s your address I’m coming to pick up the stamp collection”. 
I’m now thinking words like SOLD?  NO BRING IT BACK?  And WHY? 
Why oh why did I swallow a fly - I guess I’ll die.
Remember that one? Or better yet – 
Why oh why did I buy these stamps rather than say goodbye?
The family member further indicates that he will EXPLAIN the situation when he arrives at MJR’s office. 
Now just to clarify, at this point, I had NOT released the “chunk of change” for this collection. 
Knock, knock, at the door!  The family member of the estate shows up to pick up the stamp collection.
He says, “Please let me EXPLAIN, I am in BIG BIG trouble.”
The story continues next week.  But in the interim please flip an e-mail to what you think “BIG BIG” trouble this guy was in?

 Thank you,
John Bucci 

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