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This is how I come up with these stories every week, or Did You Know?

Hello Collectors,

This is how I come up with these stories every week, or Did You Know?

 All of this information starts by view of a postcard, a cover, a stamp or from 30 years fumbling and stumbling as a Dealer.

For example:

1.  The story of the AVRO Jetliner was the result of having a real photo postcard of that aircraft. 

 Initially I thought I was looking at the AVRO Arrow, which had the potential of being a military treasure for Canada.

 I was quickly corrected by a friend, as the AVRO Jetliner was
a commercial passenger aircraft.
 So I started my research and just couldn’t stop. You know the story, the one where you find a good book, and can’t put it down.

2.  The story of (5) Fort Edmonton’s, came from a view of the most recent postcard of the Fort.

 But then someone  said, did you know there was another Ft. Edmonton on the hill?  What hill? 

 So I had to find out, and sure enough there were (5) of them.

3. The story of Jerry Potts employed let’s say by the N.W.M.P., came about with a fellow member of the Edmonton Stamp Club. 

 Together we were preparing an exhibit to be staged at the ESC Spring National Show 2020.  The History of the N.W.M.P. 1873 -1920’s was to be told through postcards, covers, stamps etc.

But, COVID had other ideas.

4. The story of the capsized boat where everyone thought they were doomed, came from a postcard view of the St. Alice Hotel.
 It was built in 1886 at Harrison Hot Springs, but burnt down in 1920. So I wasn’t sure which St. Alice hotel I was looking at, the old or new.

 So, the search began.

5.  Now, to the Postmaster who committed fraud in the early 1900’s.

 Who was it?  

 How did he do it?  

 How did he get caught?

 I stumbled on this one by looking at a Canadian cover, early 1900’s, which was sent to a lady in the UK.

 This cover intrigued me, and upon investigation this particular cover was sent by the Postmaster in question, to his mother in Scotland. 

 Good Stuff Right? Pricey cover needless to say.

 Done Right? No, not done.

 A couple of months later I participated as a Dealer at a Calgary Philatelic Show, and mentioned this previously sold cover to a collector.  

 I named the postmaster and he quickly replied, “did you know he was convicted of fraud?". 

 Well the questions and answers went back and forth between us, so I thought to myself,  "I’m going to look into this". 

 In the back of my mind, I wondered if the Postmaster’s mother knew about her son’s devious ways.

 Now get this, the guy was previously a postmaster with the N.W.M.P. at Fort Walsh, Saskatchewan.

 Thereafter, in 1883 he was successful in getting his new Postmaster job in a small village in the North West Territories.

 He and his wife opened a general store, sold all sorts of stuff, hosted social functions, parties, special and so forth.

 The general store soon became an attraction for many a homesteader. 

 Oh. and by the way, former Mr. Law and Order enforcer handled the mail or mishandled the mail?

 So, what went wrong?

 Or in the Postmaster’s opinion, it was business as usual and nothing was wrong. 

 The story continues next week.

 Who was this dude?

Take care,
John Bucci

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