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This Story Sound Fishy…? This Story IS Fishy!!!

Hello Collectors,

This Story Sound Fishy…? This Story IS Fishy!!!


This is my unique approach when selecting new material for our website. “New material” from where? Well right here in my workspace.

I begin with sitting at my desk (which is filled with a scrambled mess of Postcards, Covers, Sleeves, Albums, Catalogues, and other paraphernalia). Then, closing my eyes and with a 360 degree turn (just to get orientated), I reach out and carefully scoop up a handful of new items to list.

At the exact same moment of “the grab” multiple sleeves fall to the floor. One step forward, I slip, lose my balance and my “chunk of stuff” is airborne! Does anyone else have a similar experience? Please let me know. I’d rather NOT be known as the only person on this planet who slipped and fell on slippery postcard sleeves. One more attempt, and the “chunk” is safely on my workspace.

The scene feels like “Christmas Morning” every time I do this - always expecting one or two surprise gifts which will require a closer look with “eyes wide open”!

Just last week, using this creative technique... I came across a postcard which seemed a “little fishy” to me. It was dated 1902 - the caption began with “MANX…”

Now what does “Manx” or “Manks” mean?

Well, after researching, a few definitions showed up.


1. MANX – a cat with a shortened tail.

After a second look at the card, I surmised there was not a Kitty on this postcard.


2. MANX - a “PUB” in Ottawa Ontario. Although, some of you may have been to the “MANX PUB,” had a pint or two and “dined”, There was no evidence of this 1903 “fishy” postcard in Ottawa, Canada.


3. MANX - a surname of literally thousands of people across the globe. Not a chance. Not on this postcard.

4. MANX – a word originating from the Isle of Man; a Celtic language….


Well, this triggered an idea. So instead of just looking at the image of the postcard why not read the full title and description?

And the result was…..”fishy”.


“MANX The Fisherman’s Daughter.”

Oh!! Really? What does that mean? I ruled out mermaid, rather quickly. After further investigation I stumbled opon some YouTube videos.

1. A guy is singing about falling in love with a fisherman’s daughter.

2. Then, another song about a fisherman’s daughter.

3. Then, “author unknown” - originator of the Fisherman’s Daughter photograph, likely from the Isle of Man.

A quick search on eBay revealed there were “Many, Many” Fishermen’s daughters, worldwide. Well! Well! Those Fishermen were not only busy with catching fish – were they? 😉😉😉


With all that searching on various social media platforms, I could not find a vintage or original postcard as the one attached to this newsletter.

So, after a closer look at the “fisherman’s daughter postcard,” in planning my next trip is to the Isle of Man:

  •  I will take vocal and guitar lessons,
  •  sail to the Isle of Man
  •  sing a song or two and take my chances. With my luck the only fisherman’s daughter left on the Island will be 87 years old, and won’t collect postcards!

Although there are many images and reproductions of the Manx Fisherman’s Daughter, MJR assumes this vintage and original postcard from Ramsey,

Isle of Man, dated 1902 is relatively scarce. However, we are aware that numerous postcard companies and photographers produced many images from North Island and/or Isle of Man early 1900, reflecting the Manx culture.

Take care,

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