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'Twas The Night Before Christmas......



‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house;

Everyone was frozen even the pet mouse.


The stockings by the fireplace were stiff as board,

No hope of postcards or covers as a reward.


The children were nestled, all snug as bug;

all thinking of presents, not postcards ugh, ugh!


Minus 40, with snow blowing, the weatherman forecasted.

Well what the hell!! Everyone thought he was blasted!!


(Yep it’s true)


Whether he was right or whether he was wrong,

With that frigid forecast, his job would not be, for long?


The forecast was too difficult to bear,

So the consensus for the weatherman was,

“Get Your Ass Out There !!


Now all huddled together, just to keep warm;

Suddenly we heard in the snowy storm.


A clatter - a clatter!

What was the matter?


Who would have guessed,

Rudolph the reindeer I must confess.


With his nose so bright,

It could be a cop car’s,

Revolving “cherry” light.


And Santa holding the reigns so tight;

Beside him a helper with a flashlight.


What was in store we could not ignore.

Santa’s helper (the weatherman) with gifts galore.


A heater to boot,

That made the snowy owls, Hoot! Hoot!


Santa looked over his half moon glasses,

He checked his list and then a few scratches,

He checked it again, twice

Asked me, “Naughty or nice?”


Naughty, Santa, but I’ll pay the price.

Yes, you will said Santa and here’s my ADVICE!


Apologize to the weatherman,

You weren’t very nice!


And then....(find out the rest of Santa's advice to me next week!)


Merry Christmas Everyone!! Stay Safe!!

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